Generation Tux: Modern Menswear Rentals

Today, I wanted to share with you all the details on a new partnership between Amarvelous Event and Generation Tux, an online company for your special occasion suit and tuxedo rental needs. Generation Tux is literally changing the game when it comes to quality, style, and convenience of purchasing your formalwear rental. The whole process takes place online and can be accessed from your computer, phone, or tablet in the comfort of your own home.

“Imagine this: Formalwear rental with no store visits, no picking up the suit or tux the day before your wedding, and no dropping off the garments the day after. No ill-fitting garments, and, best of all, no last-minute stress. At Generation Tux, we know how stressful wedding planning can be, and that’s why we have designed a suit and tuxedo rental process that is easy, convenient, and stress-free.”

Generation Tux


About Generation Tux

Generation Tux has been in the rental industry for 40 years and has served hundreds of thousands of customers. Founder George Zimmer understood that to be a trailblazer in the rentals industry, Generation Tux would need to come up with a product that would exceed the quality of that offered in a brick and mortar.

They also felt strongly that your special occasion is deserving of black-tie rental service, and that is precisely why they strive to offer all clients—whether for prom, special events, or weddings—the five-star service they feel you deserve. The reviews speak for themselves. In 2019, Generation Tux received both the Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Awards (with 1,536 five-star reviews) and The Knot Best of Weddings Award (with 572 five-star reviews).

How it Works

“No store visits. No traffic. No stress. Just a convenient way to get that timeless wedding style you’ve been looking for.”

Generation Tux
  • Go Online Shopping: The groom can take as little or as much time as they like perusing through the 21 suit and tux Super 130s and 140s Merino Wool options to find the perfect outfit for the occasion.
  • Swatch Color Samples: If you would like to see suit, tux, or accessory swatches before you make your selection, then Generation Tux can mail you free swatches so you can compare colors to other choices in your event (bridesmaids, linens, etc).
  • Online Account: Once selections have been decided, the groom creates a “wedding” event account to save the style. Within each wardrobe, simply add the groomsmens’ contact information, including name (first and last), email, and phone number.
  • Digital Platform Invites: Once the groom finishes setting up his wedding account, Generation Tux will send electronic invites to each event member, allowing them to create their own account. This process takes the guesswork away from the groomsmen, not to mention they are more likely to take care of it sooner than finding the time to schedule a fitting in-store somewhere. This will also be the portal for the groom to track groomsmen purchases.
  • Sizing: Each groomsman answers a series of sizing questions (things like height, weight, and jean size) that help the Generation Tux proprietary fit technology, eTailor, pick the perfectly-sized suit and complete their Fit Profile. With Generation Tux, there’s no measuring tape or store visits needed. Sizes range from children’s 3T through men’s 66L in select styles. The slim-fit styles are available up to size 46XL in jackets and vests and up to a 40″ waist in pants. Note that boys under the age of 15 will need some more specific measurements, and a tape measure can be mailed to you at no cost.
  • Sales Assistance: Should a particular groomsman fall behind on ordering, a rep from Generation Tux will be in touch to keep the men on schedule to order on time for the big day. This allows the groom to sit back and relax a bit.
  • Receive Your Garments: Gone are the days of having to allocate time the day before and after the wedding to pick up and drop off your rental suit at a shop. With Generation Tux, UPS shipping is always free, and they guarantee you receive your order 14 days prior to the event. This is a huge benefit to all groomsmen but especially those that live out of town. If, for example, you had ordered your suit from a chain store, then you may have gone into your local branch to be measured. You would have made a connection with that particular sales rep. Then, the day before the wedding, your suit would be available for pick up in the town where the wedding is taking place. When you go into that store, you are hoping and praying there are no problems, because this new sales rep was not the person who took your measurements at the other branch. If the suit doesn’t fit properly, then you could be out of luck with such a short turnaround time. That could be a very stressful situation!
  • Fit Guarantee: If for some reason something doesn’t fit to your liking, then Generation Tux will expedite a free replacement to your door with no exchange necessary.
  • Returns: When the event has concluded, you have three days to place all items back in the provided box, attach the pre-paid shipping label, and mail everything back. No need to wash or dry clean any items, since Generation Tux takes care of the cleaning for you. Just mail everything back as is!

Groom Perks

It’s your special day, so you should be treated to the best of the best, and Generation Tux is here to make sure you are at ease with your own rental. For the groom only, Generation Tux has offered a 48 hour at-home no-risk try-on period. You order your suit, and they’ll send it to you to try on for friends and family to see. If there are any changes you would like to make to the suit, they will take those into account for wedding day.

Additionally, Generation Tux even has ways for the groom to receive their suit or tux rental TOTALLY FREE! If five or more men in your party rent from Generation Tux, then your groom’s suit is generously offered complementary, and if seven or more groomsmen rent suits or tuxedos then the groom can keep his wedding day ensemble FOR FREE!

“We guarantee you will have the right fit for your event, without uncomfortable measuring.”

Generation Tux


As if the overview above wasn’t enough to convince you, Generation Tux has also compiled this convenient table for a side-by-side comparison of the services offered by them versus in-store rental retailers.

Generation TuxIn-Store Rentals
ReceiveDelivered about 14 days before your eventYou pick up your outfit from the store 24-48 hours before your event
Return3 days post-event1 day post-event
MeasurementsOur fit technology eTailor’s algorithm automatically sizes youTime consuming, in-store process
FitSlim and modern fits available, free replacements if neededBoxy, one-size-fits-all mentality
ConvenienceEasy online process, free shipping, and complimentary home try-on for groomsMultiple store visits, garment pick ups and last minute risks, a process that can take 3 hours on average
Event TrackingAutomated alerts and reminders track your event for youMultiple phone calls and follow ups with store clerks
ServiceOutstanding customer experience team and style consultants available 7 days a week via phone, email, or chatNumerous in-store trips
Style21 suits and tuxedos featuring modern lines and super 130s wool, plus free swatches delivered to your doorBoxy, heavy tuxedos in coarse poly wool blends and limited color selection

Table Credit: Generation Tux

So what are you waiting for? Generation Tux is clearly the best choice for formal wear rentals! You can access their website by clicking this link. Additionally, by using coupon code BSAMARVELOUS, you can receive 25% off of your suit or tuxedo rental.

“I guarantee looking good has never been this easy.”

George Zimmer (Generation Tux Founder)

DISCLAIMER: Amarvelous Event is a member of the Generation Tux Partner Program. By clicking on affiliate links above or utilizing our discount code, Amarvelous Event may receive compensation at no additional cost to you.

All images courtesy of Generation Tux.

40 Top Napkin Folds That Will WOW Your Guests

In this post, we’ll be covering the top 40 napkin folds of 2020 that will impress your guests. Whether a wedding, special event, or holiday, there is a napkin fold perfect for any occasion. Below, we have provided a tutorial video for each type of fold to help with the learning process.

I recommend that you first review the folds and decide which one is the best for your event. Then, get your napkins ready and fold along with the guide. The folds don’t take too long to do—however, if you are folding for a large event, let’s say a wedding, then you’ll want to allocate some time, and helpers, to quicken the process. Many hands make short work!


Video Credit: Evermine


Video Credit: The King of Random

Bird of Paradise

Video Credit: Milliken Table Linens


Video Credit: Totikky Tikky


Video Credit: Apartment Therapy

Bow Plate

Video Credit: Special Event Rentals


Video Credit: Cottona Table Textiles

Bunny Ears Eggs

Video Credit: Martha Stewart


Video Credit: 11vny


Video Credit: How To Fold Napkins


Video Credit: 11vny


Video Credit: Instructables


Video Credit: Scribble

Fleur De Lis

Video Credit: 11vny


Video Credit: livingroom 79


Video Credit: Marc J. Sievers


Video Credit: Jenny W. Chan Origami Tree


Video Credit: Creative Kitchen


Video Credit: maitp


Video Credit: Superior Linen Service


Video Credit: Howcast


Video Credit: Hems Junction

Pocket (Menu Diamond)

Video Credit: Evermine

Pocket (Place Card Holder)

Video Credit: 11vny

Pocket (Silverware Basic)

Video Credit: maitp

Pocket (Silverware Triple)

Video Credit: Handimania


Video Credit: Gadgets and Recipes


Video Credit: CV Linens


Video Credit: Laura Meinhardt


Video Credit: How To Fold Napkins


Video Credit: Kaikki Paketissa


Video Credit: Creative Kitchen


Video Credit: Duni – Supplier of GoodFoodMood


Video Credit: Howcast


Video Credit: 11vny


Video Credit: Jenny W. Chan Origami Tree


Video Credit: A. K Tricks


Video Credit: Amanda Moor & Craft Ideas

Under Plate/Charger

Video Credit: I Do Events Heather Forney


Video Credit: BBJ Linen

Now that you’ve been able to view tutorials on the 40 most popular napkin folds, your toolbox is full, and you’re ready to set your table with the most perfect napkin for the occasion. Happy folding!

DISCLAIMER: Any brands listed above are not sponsors.

How to Prioritize Your Wedding To-Do List

Happy Monday, everyone! This is our first Amarvelous Wedding blog post of 2020. As we mentioned in our last Amarvelous Honeymoon post, we have an exciting lineup of topics scheduled for you this year. However, if you have a topic that you’d like us to cover, feel free to write a comment and let us know!

As with 20/20 eyesight, the year 2020 will be one of clarity. Let’s begin the year with bringing everything into focus by centering yourself, reevaluating your priorities, and updating your to-do list. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll be inspired to begin a de-stressing organizational process.

I personally operate with lists, and if it’s not on a list then it just won’t get done. On a normal day, one could have multiple lists either written down or in their head that cover both personal and work to-do items. Add planning your wedding or event on top of regular priorities, and it can become overwhelming since there are even more to-do lists in the mix.

In our December 2019 newsletter, we teased a method of prioritizing, called the Eisenhower Matrix, that we’ll further elaborate on in this post. But first, let’s discuss how we currently track to-do lists, how to clear your mind, organize your papers, delete the digital, and prioritize those lists into one cohesive method.


Typical Methods of Tracking To-Dos

Each person has their preference on to-do lists, or a combination of a few methods, that work best for them to get tasks done. The most common methods of tracking to-do lists are:

  • Making mental notes
  • Writing them out on paper
  • Setting calendar reminders
  • Using a smart phone “notes” app
  • Using a smart phone “reminders” app
  • Using sticky notes on paper or digitally on your computer

Clear Your Mind

If you don’t write down your tasks the second you think of them, but instead have an internal list, then this section is for you. To combat the stress of an endless list of tasks, I like to take a few quiet moments to sit down and write out all the to-do items floating around in my head. Think of this as a way to center yourself by clearing your head of all the racing thoughts. For now, include everything from all facets of your life: personal, work, event.

I actually can’t think of a single advantage of keeping exclusively mental notes, unless you’re worried about confidentiality of some of your to-dos. Disadvantages of mental-only lists would be that you can forget items, most people won’t be able to have an extensive list just floating up there, and you may pick more enjoyable or easier tasks to do first over actual prioritized tasks.

Organize Your Paper

If you are like me and have ongoing written out to-do lists, then collect all those lists as well. You’ll want to add these items into the first list you compiled from your head. This could come from a notebook, scratch papers, sticky notes, or otherwise. The goal is to have only one sheet with items listed out by the time you finish.

Advantages of a paper to-do list are that you can take it anywhere you go, and there is something quite therapeutic or cathartic to physically cross items off of your list with a sharpie as you achieve them.

Disadvantages of a paper list are that as you cross off your list, you may not enjoy looking at a half blacked-out sheet—so there may be some chaos as you organize your life with this method. If you get sick enough of it, then you may want to clean it up and rewrite the list a few times as you cross off big chunks. Another thing to consider is that these are running lists. You may need to add in new items as you think of them. If the lines are being filled with completed tasks, then you may need to rewrite the paper to allow room for new ones.

Delete the Digital Lists

With computers at work and home, and with sophisticated smart phones with user-friendly apps, there are many ways to track to-do items digitally. It’s awesome to have a digital list that you can take with you on-the-go via smart phone. Go through all your technology, and similar to what we did for the paper lists, compile all of your tasks into one master list.

Advantages of a digital list are that it can stay clean, since you can delete items as you go, and just type in new ones to replace them. You can also print a paper if you’d like, cross things out on paper, then later update the master list on the computer.

Disadvantages of digital lists are that because technology is all around us, you may have ongoing lists in too many places. Beware of making a list on your computer at work, as you may not have access to it at home (or vice versa) without some type of cloud syncing.


The problem with all of the methods listed above is that they’re just lists. Tasks are not all equal in importance or deadline. Sure, deciding a color palate for your wedding could be hours of fun spent on Pinterest and the most exciting project, but there are most likely other things on that list that are more urgent than browsing social media. Allowing yourself to pick and choose from the master list is like inviting a child into a candy store and saying just choose one. Of course, they are prone to picking the largest rainbow lollipop.

Focus on prioritizing your tasks, and begin to think of what is important in your life right now, what has deadlines, and what can wait to be done (even if it is the most fun or the easiest and you would prefer to do it first). Then take all your written-out items and break them down into a time management matrix. The Eisenhower Matrix below will help you prioritize your time into four quadrants broken down by urgency and importance:

Quadrant 1 tasks are most urgent and most important—these are your top priorities with the soonest and strictest deadlines. These tasks should be worked on, or at least started, before all other Quadrants.

Quadrant 2 tasks are still important but less urgent—these are just as important as Quadrant 1 tasks, but they are not as time-sensitive, so you can schedule them for later.

Quadrant 3 tasks are still urgent but less important—these are just as time-sensitive as Quadrant 1 tasks, but they are not as important, because only a few other tasks should depend on these tasks getting completed. If possible, you can delegate these tasks to others such as your fiancé, a close family member, a maid of honor, or a best man.

Quadrant 4 tasks are the least urgent and the least important out of all. They are not time-sensitive, and little-to-no other tasks rely on whether or not these tasks get done. These tasks should be left for dead-last, and if you get too close to wedding day then you may be able to cut some out and avoid them altogether (remember, they weren’t important in the grand scheme of things).

Although some wedding planning tasks will belong in Quadrant 1 no matter what, you should avoid putting too many in that Quadrant—that would mean that you aren’t prioritizing! Your goal is going to be to push as many tasks as you can think of into Quadrants 2 and 3. For the purposes of examples, let’s specifically discuss a wedding to-do list. The below comprehensive wedding checklist is an example from Zola.

No knocking Zola, because I absolutely LOVE them as a modern registry option, but this checklist doesn’t really work for me. For example, I had an 18-month engagement, but most checklists like this begin at 12 months out from the wedding day. People—that does not mean that you can afford to spend the first six months inactive! I recommend you begin tasks right out the gate and get as much done prior to wedding week as possible.

That leads me to my second reason why these checklists don’t work. You should have an empty schedule on the two weeks leading into your wedding. Naturally, last-minute unexpected things will come up. So why would you purposefully schedule yourself the same number of tasks 12 months out as you do two weeks out? Seriously bananas. Your goal should be to just enjoy yourself with your family on wedding week. By this point, all Quadrant 1 and most Quadrants 2 and 3 tasks will be complete, and you can ease up and let the professionals take over and run the show.

So, since we now all see why this typical wedding checklist doesn’t work, let me do you a solid and provide you with the same wedding checklist tasks broken down into “a marvelous” prioritized Eisenhower Matrix. This list, inclusive of 100 tasks, will break down your hugely overwhelming wedding tracker into prioritized manageable chunks. If followed in the order that we have provided, then you will be in good shape leading into wedding day. Begin with most urgent and most important, followed by important but less urgent, then urgent but less important, and finally the least urgent and least important.

Along the planning process, if you think of additional tasks, just add them into whatever Quadrant you feel they belong in your priorities, but use your discretion—not everything is Quadrant 1!

This document was created by Amarvelous Event and is downloadable by clicking the button below

If you would prefer to create your own list, then below we have provided a blank downloadable Amarvelous prioritized Eisenhower Matrix template. There may be several reasons why you would want to design your own prioritized list:

  • You feel you may have prioritized something differently in the chart (example: taking engagement photos may be important and urgent to you whereas we placed it as important and less urgent)
  • You saw items in our prioritized list that you didn’t plan to do (example: you may want to remove speeches or party favors)
  • You wanted to add in new items (example: you and your fiancé may want to take dance lessons, or you may be doing a hair and makeup trial)
  • You wanted to specialize items (example: putting vendor company names and contact info)
  • You want to condense the list as you cross items off (example: perhaps halfway through planning, you redo the list and reevaluate high priority through low priority)
  • You want to use this method of checklist for things other than a wedding (example: personal, work, and event all in one, or three separate lists with the same method)

This document was created by Amarvelous Event and is downloadable by clicking the button below

Something to note is that the list above ends on wedding day. Since there are just a few tasks that extend past wedding day, you should track those in a smaller list elsewhere. Below are ideas of some post-wedding to-do items:

  • Enjoy your honeymoon as a married couple
  • Create a wedding album
  • Post wedding photos online
  • Finalize the wedding video
  • Return your rentals
  • Bring wedding attire to cleaners
  • Send thank-you notes to guests
  • Submit online reviews for your vendors
  • Change your name (social security, driver license, passport, work, bank/credit cards, bills, online accounts, stores, and more)
  • Add your new spouse to all important services (beneficiary or joint bank accounts, retirement plans, health insurances, and more)

The Amarvelous Prioritized Wedding To-Do List and blank template are available for download above so you can de-stress and get that clear vision for 2020 and years to come. No matter your preference of digital or paper lists, this checklist is for you. If you prefer paper, then you can download and print the handy pre-designed wedding checklist and check off the heart bullets as you go. Or you can download the blank template and handwrite in your tasks and check off as you go. If you prefer digital, then you can download the blank template and use Adobe Acrobat to add text to the document, then use it on your computer to edit as you go by striking through text or deleting text boxes and adding new ones. Feel free to save either document to your smart phone for quick reference.

Cheers to an organized, stress free, and productive 2020!

DISCLAIMER: Any brands listed above are not sponsors.

31 Ways to Have a Spooktastic Halloween-Inspired Wedding

Hello goblins, ghouls, witches, and warlocks! As we approach Halloween, what better time to explore ways of incorporating spooky and eerie Halloween elements into your wedding? In this week’s post, we’ll cover 31 ways to spook-up your ambiance, attire, décor, florals, food, and themes!


1. Bat Napkin Fold

If you planned for black napkins, don’t miss the opportunity to fold into a simple bat design. This is a free way to take what you already have and infuse your theme into the small details.

Image Credit: The House of Elyn Ryn

2. Bonfire

Hubby and I did a bonfire with s’mores bar at our rehearsal dinner, and it was one of my favorite parts of the wedding weekend. I’ve been seeing more photos online recently of couples that did a bonfire on their actual wedding night. Just magical.

Image Credit: Nicole Aston Photography

3. Bottle of “Boos”

If your wedding is going to have family-style wine bottles on each table, you could print “Bottle of Boos” (read: “Booze”) labels and glue them over the existing labels on the bottles. Or you could think of another clever saying, one for red and one for white wine (perhaps “blood” and “bile”).

Image Credit: Country Living

4. Candelabras

Nothing is more romantic than candlelight. Candelabras allow you to have several candles in each stand, providing more light than traditional singular candles. Imagine dimming the lights even more and dining by candelabra candlelight.

Image Credit: Jayd Gardina Photography

5. Candle Sticks

I recently discovered dripless candlesticks, which are great for your home parties to maintain a clean look, but for a spooky look you should 100% go with the drip kind – and opt for something with colors. For example, if your uplighting is purple, then go for a purple candlestick. Pull your colors through every small detail.

Image Credit: Style Me Pretty

6. Candy Apple Bar

You won’t be bobbing for apples at this wedding! Set up a dessert bar with apples that guests can dip in red candy, chocolate, caramel, or even marshmallow fluff. Then have bowls with an assortment of toppings such as nuts, chocolates, sea salt, etc. This is a fresh take on a candy favor, while being interactive, custom, and really freakin’ tasty!

Image Credit: Lindorelli

7. Candy Bar Venetian Hour

I love a candy bar and feel edible favors are the best kind. Your guests will leave your wedding (or after-party) with a sweet tooth and be so thankful for the treats. Especially for a Halloween-themed wedding, you must have a sendoff that includes candy!

Image Credit: Spooky Little Halloween

8. Dark Bridesmaid Dresses

I see the bridesmaids dresses in either a heavier material such as velvet, or in a lighter silky material with a little shine to it. Keep to dark shades of black, purple, red, green, or blue for just the moody look your girls need.

Image Credit: Erin Morrison Photography

9. Day of the Dead Cake Topper

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday that begins on October 31st. The purpose is to meet with family and friends to remember those that have departed our realm. You could plan your very own Día de los Muertos for your October 31st wedding. Instead of having a dark and moody event, it would rather be more colorful, and the fun exception could be a face painting bar.

Image Credit: Top Topper Shop on Etsy

10. Deep Red, Purple, and Black Hues

As mentioned above in the bridesmaid dress section, dark hues are the way to go for a moody spooky Halloween wedding, but don’t stop with the dresses – think about tablecloth linens, napkins, and florals.

Image Credit: Faire la Fête Linen Rentals

11. Dry Ice Signature Drink

Similar to the fog machine for the room (#14 below), dry ice added to your signature drink will add an eerie element and elevate your bar. Also consider picking a drink that is tinted dark red. It will look like boiling blood!

Image Credit: Becky the Cookie Rookie

12. Dyed Red White Chocolate Fountain

And while we’re on the blood train, just add some red dye to your white chocolate fountain, and everything you dip in will be blood covered. How terrifyingly on theme! Try to go for natural dye options instead of food coloring, and if you wanted to avoid artificial dyes altogether then you could opt to use ruby chocolate with a bit of natural dye to make it red instead of pink.

Image Credit: Arts, Crafts and DIY Projects

13. Floral Branches

Instead of fresh lively florals, you could opt for a chic bare dead branches look. Light florals could be attached to the branches, or hanging candles can dangle, or they can be totally bare and painted.

Image Credit:

14. Fog Machine

Fog can either look like angelic heavenly clouds, or a creepy graveyard. If the rest of your aesthetic was light and bright, then you are in heaven, but if the rest of your aesthetic is dark and moody, then you will get your eerie look.

Image Credit: Wedding Chicks

15. Halloween Costumes

You could take an October 31st wedding very literally and ask all guests to come in costume. You could put a theme on it, like an 80’s wedding, or it can be everyone coming in something unique and different.

Image Credit: Artful Photography

16. Horror Movie Photo Booth Cutouts

Who doesn’t love a good photo booth? Instead of using the typical props the booth comes with, go online and order a set of horror movie props and add them in. Guests who are into scary movies will absolutely love it!

Image Credit: Paper and Cake

17. Influence From Your Favorite Creepy Movie

Whether your favorite is Beetlejuice, The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Halloweentown, or elsewise, you can add in elements of that movie into your especially spooky day.

Image Credit: Gothic Genre Instagram

18. Masquerade Ball

*gushes as I write* Is it just me, or does everyone also fantasize about going to a masquerade ball at least once in their life? I would LOVE to attend a ball where either we were informed in advance to bring our own unique masks, or the couple provided masks at the welcome table before entering the party.

Image Credit:

19. Nighttime Ceremony

If you don’t mind partying til the wee hours of the morning, then bump your whole schedule back and start your day with an evening ceremony. Be sure to keep an eye on the full moon schedule, and light all the candles to complete the look.

Image Credit: The One Agency

20. Non-White Wedding Dress

Yes, the tradition is a pure white wedding dress. However, designers are starting to give us off-white, pink, purple, beige, blue, and ombre color effect dresses, and I am here for all these gorgeous options.

Image Credit:

21. Officiant Spell Book

Your officiant will most likely hold some kind of book or binder so they can reference wording and not miss a beat. But why does that book or binder have to be hideous? Create a unique “spell” book to add an unexpected element of magic to the nuptials.

Image Credit:

22. Pumpkin Florals

What’s more October or Halloween than pumpkins? There are literally hundreds of ways to incorporate pumpkins into your day. Think centerpieces, table numbers, lining the aisle or staircases, and so on.

Image Credit: Scarlette Blog

23. Red Velvet Cake

Even if it’s your favorite flavor, red velvet is not a common wedding cake flavor because it is so dark and can show through certain icings if the icing is applied too thin. But for your Halloween wedding, it’s bloody perfect, so go for the red, and don’t forget that black velvet cake is also an option!

Image Credit: Molly Lichten Photography

24. Skull Accents

Without getting too kitschy, and adding in too many props that look like fake bones, pick a few spots where you can place some bones. In my opinion, less is more here though. There are some great ideas online for bedazzling with gemstones or opening the top to fit a candle.

Image Credit: O Meu Olhar Para Tu Veres

25. Smoke Bomb

The sole purpose for spoke bombs is for photography with a few people. I wouldn’t plan to give everyone at your wedding a smoke bomb, because the whole area will turn into a dark puff of color. Instead, pull yourself and your spouse or bridal party aside and take some small group shots. The smoke comes in literally every color.

Image Credit: David’s Bridal Instagram

26. Spider Napkin Rings

If you are opting for napkin rings instead of a fancy napkin fold, then consider purchasing fun napkin ring holders. These spiders are an option, or you could go for something else that matches your particular look.

Image Credit: XAAZA Style

27. “Til Death Do Us Part” Signage

You can go literal “til death do us part,” or you can have a little play on words and say “till death do us party.” I have seen both used on welcome signs, programs, bar signage, etc.

Image Credit: Pop Sugar

28. Topsy Turvy or Asymmetric Cake

This is an example of a topsy=turvy upside down wedding cake. You could also go with a traditional tower cake where the large tier is on the bottom and small on top, but ask for the tiers to be asymmetric and at unique angles. Your baker will have a field day with the cake.

Image Credit: Wedding Chicks

29. Uplighting and Pin Lighting

Uplighting and pin lighting totally transform the look of your venue room with the flip of a switch. Shades of red and purple will provide the most Halloween feel to the space, and it is the most affordable way to change the room on a dime.

Image Credit: United With Love

30. Wax Seal Stationary

You can order a whole slew of custom seals online or purchase prefab ones such as a skull or heart. You will pay for the stamp itself and the wax, then it’s your time to actually do this DIY project and seal the envelopes. But what a nice first impression it makes!

Image Credit: Penn & Paperie

31. Wicked Affair Invitation

Don’t miss the opportunity to let guests know as soon as possible that your wedding will be the most fun wedding of the year. Begin teasing your spooky night right from the beginning with invitation wording.

Image Credit: Glitter ‘n’ Spice


And there you have it, a comprehensive list of 31 things you could do to bring a little Halloween spook into your special day. And if you are possibly too far along in the planning process, already got married, or are not getting married and just LOVE HALLOWEEN, then feel free to plan a general Halloween Bash using the tips above. Most (except wedding dress) are transferable to non-marital parties. I hope you enjoyed this list – and have the most fun planning!

DISCLAIMER: Any brands listed above are not sponsors.

Types of Wedding Venues

After you’ve decided your wedding budget and guest list, the next most important thing to investigate is wedding venues—and there are many options when it comes to venues. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you start your search and realize so many places can host your big day. In this post, we’ll discuss everything from obvious options such as halls and hotels to more unique options such as aquariums and theaters. The type of venue you pick will change the whole mood and aesthetic of your wedding, so choose wisely and make sure it’s your dream spot.


You don’t have to be in the Caribbean to get married on a beach. It’s warm enough year-round in the southern United States to have a beach wedding. Or if you live in the north, you can still have a beach wedding from April through October. Hubby and I actually come from Florida and relocated to New York City, so the beach was our second home growing up, and we decided to go for a beach wedding ceremony. The best part is that you don’t need much decoration, and you have the beautiful sound of the waves. Beware of wind though… my veil went for a ride!

Botanical Garden

Nothing in Spring may be more beautiful than a botanical garden! With all the flowers in bloom, you are bound to capture endless stunning photos as if you are in your own secret garden. You would definitely save on decorative florals, as your venue naturally comes with an abundance of backdrop plants. Allergies aside, it would smell divine.


Reading this in the United States, you may not think that we even have castles except Cinderella’s… but think again. I recently posted about a ceremony venue castle in Central Park, NYC, and there are many northern options for castles. If the Cinderella ballgown princess vibe is what you want, it’s not out of reach.

Community Center

A possibly more affordable option would be a local community center. This could be a gymnasium, a firehouse hall, or a large room in a multi-purpose community center facility. You may have to rent the furniture if the space comes bare, but the good thing about this is that you can totally customize what you rent. Or if your space comes with all of the furniture, you would save a bundle! In most community center scenarios, you will have to hire a caterer, but the center will usually have a kitchen space for them to work from.

Photo Credit: Lakeside Community Center

Country Club

An existing country club member may receive a discount because they already pay annual fees to be a member, whereas the non-member would pay a higher fee to use the private club’s space. So whether your family belongs to a country club, or not, this option isn’t as exclusive and out of reach as you may have thought.

Photo Credit: Here Comes The Guide @ Silver Lake Country Club

Cruise Ship

You have two options when it comes to cruise ship weddings. You can actually have a wedding ceremony on board the boat before it departs the origin port. Then guests who don’t want to go on vacation after the wedding just depart the ship and forego the reception. Guests who plan to vacation with you stay on board for the reception. This may cut costs for the couple, because there will be less people to feed. Or you can do your wedding on the boat while at sea, and whoever wanted to go on the vacation gets to share in your big day. The cruise ship will probably organize a group rate, private dinner, flowers, photography, and literally everything in a one-stop-shop package.

Photo Credit: Disney Wedding Podcast


Large beautiful homes are a gorgeous backdrop for weddings. I will caveat that statement with the fact that a lot of estates will only allow the house to serve as a backdrop, but not actually allow you inside. That would mean you are having a large tented wedding, and possibly renting in your own trailer bathrooms. The benefits to this option are that the space would be private, you wouldn’t be sharing the venue with any other events for the day, and you would have freedom to do things, like bring your own alcohol, that venues with caterers wouldn’t allow. Bear in mind that there may be separate “rules of the house” that the estate owners would want you to adhere to. Read your contracts thoroughly.


The rural country bride’s dream wedding has become increasingly popular over the years, and now you can find barns all over the country that serve as wedding venues. Whether the barn was rustic (non-renovated), a renovated older barn, or a new-build barn, you would have have a different venue, so ask lots of questions. Factors to consider are air conditioning, catering, bathrooms, and dirt.

Photo Credit: Wayfaring Wanderer Boone NC Photographer @ Overlook Barn


Getting married in a forest is a dreamy venue. I’m going to go totally nerdy on you, but I always think of the Lord of the Rings character Galadriel from the Lothlórien when I think of forest weddings. Total fairy ethereal aesthetic can be found in a forest, and I am all for this. Hubby and I almost chose a forest wedding for our nuptials.

Golf Course

Fore! Golf and extreme manicured grass enthusiasts will love a golf course wedding venue. Golf venues could be outside, tented, in a large pavilion on the property, or in the clubhouse. Golf cart and golfing photos would be adorable. If you love to golf, then don’t forget to ask about a group rate to hold a round of golf. Maybe an activity for just the bridal party to capture awesome pics, or maybe an in-between ceremony and reception full wedding guest-list activity. This would give the couple time to escape and take their own romantic just-married pics with one photographer while the second stays behind and captures family and friends enjoying themselves.

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Wedding and special event halls are very common up north. The sole purpose of the property is to house events. A large hall will have multiple event spaces inside and host possibly more than one event per day. You are usually greeted with valet parking, followed by a multi-room affair with ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception taking place in three separate spaces. If you have many guests from out of town, you may have to organize transportation to and from a nearby hotel block room.


The one-stop-shop! Hubby and I chose to get married in a hotel, because half of our wedding guests were from out of town. This is the most convenient option for weddings like ours where lots of out-of-towners will need to stay at a hotel and would have to pay for transportation to and from another venue. We booked our rehearsal dinner, beach-side ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, next-day brunch, and hotel room blocks all through the one hotel. The more you bundle, the higher chance you have to receive a break on the price. Never hurts to ask! Also, if getting ready, ceremony, and reception are all in the same place, then the whole bridal party and couple also save on not having to book transportation. A win/win!

Photo Credit: Historic Hotel Bethlehem


If you love art or books, then let your passions drive your venue. Museums and art galleries will sometimes have changing exhibits, so ensure you know what is scheduled to be on showcase during your wedding day. You wouldn’t want it to clash with your color palette or be something super modern when your wedding is supposed to have a traditional vibe, for example. A beautiful large library room is ever so “tale as old as time.” Be the Belle of the ball in your own Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding. I’m seeing centerpieces of small stacks of books with a mix of tall and short florals. Stunning. You will likely have to work around the hours of these venues and be limited to when they close for the evening.

Photo Credit: Ruffledblog @ Fernbank Museum


Your local municipality’s Parks Department may allow weddings to take place on their public property, but permits will likely be needed to use the space. In New York City, you will need a permit to hold a ceremony or reception on park land. Parks Departments may be strict on tenting or additional décor you want to bring on site, so be sure to read their FAQ pages and the contract prior to booking.

Place of Worship

Ceremonies are not the only thing a place of worship can host. If your church/synagogue/mosque/etc. has a large roomed space, ask if they ever rent it out for events. For example, if your church had an outdoor space large enough for a ceremony, then an indoor building where they can clear the chairs and host events, you can utilize both spaces. Or perhaps up north your church has a basement that can be used to hold the reception. Get creative here. You can save a bundle by hosting your whole wedding itinerary in one location.

Photo Credit: The Old Church

Private Home

If someone in your family owns a large property, you have found yourself a free wedding venue! This will be the most affordable. You will have to probably rent the tent, tables, and chairs, but your caterer can use the existing kitchen to cook, and you can have guests use the indoor bathrooms (so no bathroom rentals). Or you can find a private property on a site like AirBNB, where you can filter for “suitable for events.” This will allow you to find mansions where you can rent the whole property for a few hundred dollars a night. Allow your full bridal party and immediate family to sleepover for the weekend, and invite everyone to celebrate the ceremony and reception on the property.

Photo Credit: Brides of Oklahoma


Some restaurants have party rooms, while others will allow you to buy them out for the evening and you have the whole space to yourselves. It depends on the restaurant. Guests can either order whatever they want off the menu or do a set menu.

Photo Credit: Lafayette


Rooftop cocktail parties in lieu of stuffy sit-down traditional receptions are a new trend that I am here for. Hubby and I ALMOST booked a rooftop cocktail reception, and in the end caved and went the traditional hotel route. Although our wedding was awesome, I do sort of regret the choice because it would have been so unique, a stand-out affair. The rooftop venue we looked at had a ton of sofa lounge furniture and large cocktail buffet grazing tables in the indoor section, cabanas with low tables and fire pits outdoors, multiple bars, and a big dance floor. I have that one in my back pocket for a future event.

Photo Credit: The Loft at Prince


Movie theaters as well as Broadway-style theaters are unique options for events! You could do the wedding in the theater where guests sit in the chairs, bride walks up the aisle onto the stage (in front of the dropped curtain) for the ceremony. Then after the ceremony they raise the curtain and reveal a seated reception ready and waiting for guests on the stage. Sometimes the theater hosts the event in the lobby. So many options here. Theatre buffs, or people who want to WOW your guests, really consider this one. Also ask if you can use the front marquis to put your name in lights! Just imagine the photos!

Photo Credit: Jess + Nate Studios @ Fox Theatre Detroit

Theme Park

I’ve written a post on Florida Disney wedding venues, but there are many theme parks around the world that would allow you to host an event on their property. Just like libraries and museums, you will likely have to hold your event in off-hours, before the parks opens or after the park closes.

Photo Credit: Disney Weddings


Wine fanatics, this is the spot for you! This type of venue is seasonal. Consider a wedding when the grapes are still on the vine for more beautiful pictures. Some wineries even do mini bottles with custom event-specific bottle labels. What a great favor!

Photo Credit: Presqu’ile Winery


Imagine going out for a dinner cruise with all your closest family and friends. A sunset ceremony on the water followed by dinner and dancing as the evening went on. In NYC, there are several boats that ride around Manhattan to give you panoramic views of the city skyline as you dance the night away. Smaller boats are available to be rented out by one party for the evening. Larger boats may be able to support a separate event on each floor of the yacht.

Photo Credit: Water Fantaseas


You are at your aquarium wedding about to seal the wedding promise with a kiss, and you are beautifully photobombed by a school of fish. Now that’s a photobomb I can live with. Large aquariums and zoos have spaces to be near to the animals during all elements of the day. The photos would be adorable, and minimal décor would be needed as your guests are immersed into an almost interactive experience where the walls move and everywhere they look they are mesmerized by the scenery.

Photo Credit: Carrie Wildes Photography

Now that you’re more knowledgeable on wedding venue options and have maybe narrowed down your preferences, you can start searching in whatever town you want, near or far, for that specific type of venue. The narrowed-down search will save you time from skimming through dozens of venues that don’t meet your needs. Happy planning!

If you can think of other venues that we may have missed, feel free to write them in the comments below!

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