Men’s Suit Styles and Accessories – Part 2

This week’s post is for the grooms and was written by the Amarvelous Event “hubby” and guest-blogger, Mikael. Last month, we discussed men’s suit jackets and pants, plus a few important questions that need to be asked before the men in a wedding party can choose the style, formality, and colors of their outfits. Click here to read Men’s Suit Styles and Accessories – Part 1. This month, we’ll be covering the rest of the outfit and accessories that complete a man’s look on the most important day of his life: his shoes, belt, socks, dress shirt, tie or bowtie, and watch—plus others like his cummerbund or vest, handkerchief, cufflinks, shirt studs, tie bar, and suspenders.


If you’re getting married on a beach in the sand, then you may be barefoot during the ceremony. Otherwise, you’ll most likely be wearing shoes at your wedding, and in most cases they will be the nicest pair that you own. This post will cover dress shoes only, so if you’re wearing cowboy boots, sneakers, or any other casual styles at your wedding, then scroll on down to the Belts section!

Selecting men’s dress shoes can get surprisingly complex. If you’re wearing a tuxedo or other formalwear, then you’ve got it easy, because patent leather is the most common way to go in those cases. Otherwise, you’ve got a few important decisions to make: Do you like closed lacing or open lacing? Do you prefer an oxford, a derby, or another style? Do you want cap-toe, plain-toe, or wing-tips? And more! The infographics below summarize the traditional dress shoe styles, colors, and matching to suits pretty well:


While there are certain color and style combinations that are generally accepted, as seen above, a fashion-forward groom knows that you can choose a traditional dress shoe and change out the laces for a splash of color, or the dress shoe itself could be a unique color or design.

Whatever you pick, your shoes will be among the most visible parts of your outfit (more so than cufflinks, let’s say), and in some cases shoes are the first thing that people notice about a man, so although the sky’s the limit here, don’t take the decision too lightly.


The sky’s the limit here, too, but you’ll generally want to match your belt’s material and color to the material and color of your shoes, as well as your belt’s buckle metal to the metal of your cufflinks, shirt studs, tie bar, watch, and/or other metal accessories. It probably goes without saying, but you wouldn’t want to wear a brown belt with black shoes, or a silver-buckle belt with a gold watch.

Even more subtle, though, if you can match the exact grain, color, contrast, hue, and tone of leather between your belt and shoes, and if you can match the exact polish of the metal (meaning how shiny versus how brushed), then these are the small details that can make an outfit go from good to outstanding. Some high-end brands sell exactly-matching belts and shoes, but you also have the option of bringing your purchased shoes from store-to-store to compare them to prospective belts in person.

Some wedding suits do not require a belt: With certain tuxedos, for example, you may notice that your pants don’t even have belt loops, and in that case you may wear a cummerbund instead of a belt (important note for tuxes: if your pants do have belt loops and you are wearing patent-leather shoes, then try to get a patent-leather belt to match the shoes).

The Art of Manliness website has a comprehensive Guide to Men’s Belts here.


Here’s where we get funky. While it’s always acceptable to defer to the traditional solid-color, crew or knee-high dress socks, modern grooms are using this piece of the outfit to express their interests and fun side. You could have yourself and your groomsmen in different colors…

Source: Bold Socks

Or you could have the colors match another part of the outfit or match the bride and bridesmaids…

Or you could wear socks depicting your favorite superheros, sports teams, or another passion of yours…

At my own wedding, for example, I decided to be a huge nerd and wear matching Darth Vader socks and cufflinks, while my awesome and supportive groomsmen wore Stormtrooper socks.

Source: Dreamlife Photography

Believe it or not, socks are optional! While I sometimes think about that skit where the comedian makes fun of people who don’t wear socks with dress shoes (“What, are you never planning on wearing those shoes again?”), it is a conscientious but increasingly acceptable fashion choice to go with the sock-less look.


In addition to the suit and the shoes, your shirt is going to be one of the most visible parts of your outfit, especially if you plan on taking off your jacket later in the evening to dance. While your socks allowed you plenty of creative freedom, there are some general shirt shape and cut tenets that should be followed for a clean and cohesive look: the collar, the buttons, the cuff, and the cut of the shirt generally change to match the formality of the event and the shape of your face but also your personal preference.

A tuxedo with a bowtie will allow the wing-tip collar, an altogether different type that only bends at the front in order to allow the bowtie fabric to show around the circumference of the neck. Note that a bowtie can also be worn with the other collar types however.

In the two images above, you can also see the pleated (left, above) and bib-front (right, above) shirt cuts on the chest, both of which are only really appropriate for a tuxedo or other formal suit. The stud-style buttons down the front and on the cuff are also visible on the above two images, though tuxedos do not require the shirt to have these features. The reason why shirt studs are a good option for tuxedos, though, is that wing collars should be worn with a bowtie only, leaving the chest exposed, while a necktie will cover the buttons on the chest. If you do have stud-style front and cuffs, then you now have the option of customizing the studs and cufflinks. Additionally, the above two shirts have French-cuff sleeves, which is required if you want to wear cufflinks.

A regular white dress shirt will have visible and sewn-in buttons on the chest and the cuff (left, below). However, for a more formal event like a wedding, you might opt for the hidden placket look (right, below), where the buttons are hidden below a layer of fabric.

You’ll also want to think about what fit of shirt looks best on your body type:

Source: Macy’s

And although all of the images above were white cotton shirts, various shades of off-white are also fairly common, and even colorful shirts are increasingly seen. Cotton, however, is still the tried and true fabric, but it is admittedly not the only option at your disposal either.

The white or off-white cotton shirt is probably the way to go, though, since there are plenty of other ways to get some color and personality into your outfit. One way, for example, is your tie or bowtie…

Ties and Bowties

Ties and bowties come in a dozen different materials (even non-fabrics) and millions of colors and patterns. Just make sure to choose a material, color, and pattern that match the rest of the outfit, the bridal party, or the theme of the wedding while also representing your own tastes.

You also have non-traditional options when it comes to bowties:

Setting colors and patterns aside for a moment, there are still a few basic rules regarding what type of tie to wear with each collar style…

Source: Tie a Tie

…as well as a few basic rules regarding how casual or formal, trendy or traditional, certain tie styles are…

Source: Tie a Tie

…and of course there are several ways to tie the knot:



Your wedding day is going to fly by. Before you know it, you will be officially, legally married to the love of your life and heading up to your room, and your watch won’t be lying: it’s the end of the best day of your life. There’s not much to say in this section except that time is the most precious resource of all, so the watch that you wear on your wedding day should be meaningful to you or at least a watch that you love. On my own wedding day, I wore my father’s watch. If your watch’s band is leather like your shoes and belt, then you can try to match the color and grain for all three accessories, ensuring to also match the metal of the belt buckle to the watch’s metal frame.

Cummerbunds and Vests

Cummerbunds and vests are worn below your jacket but above your shirt. As mentioned under Belts, the cummerbund can take the place of the belt for formal suits like tuxedos, especially if the pants lack belt loops. Cummerbunds should be worn only if you are wearing a bowtie, not a long necktie, and the material should match your jacket lapel if possible. Unlike a cummerbund, a vest can be worn with a belt. You would not wear a vest and a cummerbund together however. Here’s a useful guide on when and how to wear cummerbunds.

Vests are also a great option to dress up or dress down your wedding. A three-piece suit (pants, jacket, and vest) can make a look more elegant, while a vest and pants combination, with no jacket, is a more casual look. You may choose to have the groom wear a full suit while the groomsmen wear only vests and no jackets, as the below photos show.


Handkerchiefs are a subtle but necessary accessory for your wedding day. They can be worn in your jacket breast pocket or your vest breast pocket–either way, it’s strongly recommended that you wear one.

Source: Tie a Tie

Cufflinks, Shirt Studs, and Tie Bars

Cufflinks are worn on your wrist to hold together a French-cuff style sleeve cuff. They used to indicate that the event was formal, but because they come in a variety of novelty and funky designs now, they have started to become more common even in casual weddings. They are also an opportunity for a groom and his groomsmen to subtly wear a themed or fun matching outfit accessory that won’t be obvious to the larger wedding guest list without close observation.

If you opt for a more traditional cufflink and your shirt also has studs, then luckily those accessories can match to create a more cohesive look:

In the photos above, you can see the two types of cufflink backs or fasteners: the swivel and the fixed back. My personal recommendation is fixed-back, since this type is more durable. You can also personalize cufflinks with initials that are meaningful to you.

As mentioned above, shirt studs are worn with, usually, tuxedo shirts, and can also match your cufflinks. The shirt studs that come by default with your shirt are usually cheap plastic and not meant to be worn during the event, so it is recommended to get a set of your own.

Finally, tie bars are accessories that add a bit of form to your outfit while also serving a function: a tie bar can up your look while also holding down your tie from lifting off of your chest. Below you will see a matching Batman tie bar and cufflinks.

Credit: Kenneth Wood Design on

And, as with everything else, there are some basic rules to follow with tie bars:

Source: Tie a Tie
Source: Tie a Tie
Source: Tie a Tie


Suspenders can be worn in lieu of a belt to keep your pants suspended on your hips. Interestingly enough, even though a cummerbund replaces a belt for a formal outfit (in form, not in function), suspenders can be worn together with a cummerbund because they take over the “suspending” function of the belt, whereas the cummerbund is only meant to conceal your waist. There are a few options when it comes to suspenders style and countless options when it comes to patterns and colors. If you choose leather, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try to match the material and color of your shoes with your suspenders, as you would have done with a belt.


There are two ways that suspenders connect to your pants: buttons (left, below) and clips (right, below).


And there you have it: You’re now able to select and customize the components of the outfit that you’ll wear on the happiest day of your life! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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Men’s Suit Styles and Accessories – Part 1

This week’s post is for the grooms and was written by the Amarvelous Event “hubby” and guest-blogger, Mikael.

To my fellow grooms: You got the ring, you popped the question, and now you’re planning the most important day (thus far) of your life with your blushing bride-to-be—picking locations, and dates, and colors, and menus, and so much other stuff that it suddenly makes total sense why weddings are a $50-plus billion-dollar industry in the United States. No doubt, it’s a lot of work (this is why many couples happily choose to invest in a wedding planner), but admittedly it’s usually fun work, especially the food and cake tastings, and at least you don’t have to do anything regarding your bride’s dress. You do, however, need to worry about your own outfit, and that’s where this week’s post comes in.

In a traditional American wedding (or let’s even say most Western weddings), the groom generally wears a suit or a tuxedo with all of the accessories for a business or formal event: your nicest shoes, a matching belt, fancy or funky socks, a dress shirt, a tie or a bowtie, and your best watch—plus sometimes a cummerbund or a vest, a handkerchief, cufflinks, shirt studs, a tie bar, suspenders, and perhaps even more. Counting them out, it’s almost like the groom’s outfit has more decision-points than the bride’s outfit does! Kidding, kidding…

Before you choose any of these items, though, let’s start with two questions about the event itself.

How formal is your event?

Is your wedding a formal black-tie affair? Is it a hyper-casual beach wedding? Or is it something in between, like a business-casual or business-formal event? Before you decide anything else about your outfit, the question of how formal your event is needs to be answered. A bride can wear any sparkling, white dress and almost always still fit in with her wedding’s vibe, be it casual or formal, because, let’s face it, she’s the bride. However, a groom who wore a tuxedo for a casual wedding, or who wore slacks with no tie for a formal wedding, will stick out like a sore thumb.

These groom-focused posts will cover everything from business-casual to formal black-tie outfits. For casual weddings where you and your fellow male guests might be wearing short sleeves, no ties, and denim, check out this post on The Knot: Tuck the Tux Away: Casual Groom Styles Are In!

Image Credit: Catering on the Move

What is the color scheme of your event?

The decision of the color scheme(s) for your wedding is usually something that the bride will have strong opinions about, but if you’re lucky like I was then your bride might be flexible. My wife (at the time, my bride) said that I had total control over the color of my own suit (gee, thanks), irrespective of the color scheme of the rest of the wedding. Our wedding was supposed to be white and gold, and her bridesmaids were supposed to wear gold or champagne-colored dresses.

When my wife saw and loved the color that I had picked for my suit—a pale shade of blue-teal to match the ocean and the sky (we were married on the beach)—and probably aided by the fact that she couldn’t find the perfect shade of gold for her bridesmaids, and by the fact that our venue’s color scheme was mostly shades of blue and teal, my wife decided to incorporate more blue and navy into our wedding.

Long story short, my wife apparently would have been okay with whatever colors I chose for my outfit, but it could also look really good if everything is cohesive. Here’s us and our bridal party in shades of blue:

Image Credit: Dreamlife Wedding Photography

Now that you’ve chosen the color scheme and how formal your wedding will be, you’re ready to start choosing the details of your own outfit. This week’s post will cover the basics: the pants and the jacket.

The Suit: Pants and Jacket Options

Your pants and jacket will comprise the majority of what people will see you wearing for the day. Yes, the shirt’s important, and the socks and shoes are an opportunity to make a statement or show your fun side, and little details here and there can make or break the outfit when observing it close-up. Realistically, though, the suit itself will cover more than 90% of your body during the wedding ceremony, which will likely be the most-photographed segment of the day, so it’s one of your more important choices for the outfit.

As far as the style of your pants and jacket goes, you have four basic options:

1. Mismatching Informal Pants and Jacket

The least formal* of the four options (not a bad thing), this is when your jacket and pants mismatch each other in either color or material or both. You could have a green tweed jacket, for example, with burgundy corduroy pants, like in one of the images below. Although you’re not wearing a matching suit, you can still look like you’re well put together by dressing-up the outfit with a bowtie or a vest. I’d say that this style can be pulled off at certain weddings only though, maybe something outdoors and rustic in the woods.
*Least formal unless you’re royalty—see below.

Image Credit: Esquire
Image Credit: Chic Vintage Brides

2. Matching Pants and Jacket

Probably the most common style for modern American weddings, this is when your pants and jacket match in both color and material. This is the type of suit that you might wear to work in an office environment—still completely acceptable for your wedding, of course, and I personally encourage this option out of the four. It’s probably also the most versatile option out of the four, since it would not look out of place whether your wedding is outdoors, indoors, casual (as long as the outfit is dressed down), or semi-formal (as long as you also wear a tie or bowtie).

Image Credit: The Knot
Image Credit: SLR Lounge

3. Mismatching Formal Pants and Jacket

We’re getting slightly more formal here. Think James Bond’s infamous white dinner jacket with black tuxedo pants. This option is a good combination of classy and smart while still remaining fun and interesting. This option would not really be worn outdoors but is totally appropriate for a cocktail-style wedding and after-party. It’s different than the 1. Mismatching Informal Pants and Jacket option and more formal than the 2. Matching Pants and Jacket option in that the jacket and pants, on their own, are each one half of a tuxedo-style suit. If you’re going for the James Bond look, then the jacket should be white, but there are a range of color and material combinations that this option can utilize.

4. Tuxedo

The most formal and classic out of the four suit styles, tuxedos are traditionally black but do come in a variety of colors if that’s what you’re looking for. They are notable by a satin or silk (or any other shiny material) lapel on the jacket, with a matching material on the buttons, on the waistband, and down the outseam (the exterior sides) of the pants. Keep in mind that tuxedo does not automatically equal bowtie, since a silk or satin necktie that matches the lapel material can be worn instead. Tuxedos are also the option where you will more commonly find rounded (“shawl”) lapels and single-button jackets, which you can see in one of the images below.

Image Credit: GQ
Image Credit: Heather Jowett

Other Considerations

Other than one of the four suit styles, you will also need to consider your suit’s material, pattern, thread count, color, lapel shape, lapel width, jacket button quantity, jacket exterior pockets, sleeve length, pant length, and a few other items. Each of these aspects of your suit has a range of options of their own, ranging from hundreds of options (in the case of suit color) to only three or four options (in the case of button quantity). Each of these choices can change how formal your outfit is overall—so be sure to ask your tailor or sales associate when purchasing or renting your suit.

Image Source: Style Sample Mag

You’ll also want to think about whether your groomsmen match your suit identically or whether your own suit, as the groom, will have any defining characteristics such as a different:

  • Color (I personally wore a lighter shade of blue than my groomsmen did)
  • Cut or style (I wore three-piece matching, while my groomsmen wore two-piece matching)
  • Lapel style (my groomsmen had a more modern cut, while I had an older-style cut)
  • Level of formality (maybe you wear James Bond-style while your groomsmen wear tuxedos, or maybe you wear matching jacket and pants while your groomsmen wear mismatching)
  • Material (maybe your groomsmen wear a more affordable material, while you wear a nicer one)
Image Credit: The Unstitchd

If you do diverge from your groomsmen on any of these options, then it’s strongly recommended that your outfit have the nicer, higher-quality (albeit possibly more expensive) choice between the two suits.

And there you have it! You’re now able to select and customize the basic components of the suit—the jacket and the pants—that you’ll wear on the happiest day of your life! You might choose to take off your jacket after the ceremony, later in the day or evening, especially when you are eating or dancing, and in that case you might be wearing a vest, a cummerbund, or suspenders underneath (I personally chose the vest option, making my outfit a matching three-piece suit). While this week’s blog post only discussed the jacket and pants, check back in a few weeks for Amarvelous Event’s style guidance on shirts, shoes, socks, ties, and all other accessories and outfit components.

DISCLAIMER: Any brands listed above are not sponsors.

How to Create a Colorful Wedding

New York City celebrated World Pride yesterday, and seeing all of those colors and festivities inspired this post! White, cream, champagne, and blush are all classy colors, but if you are over the uber-neutral wedding palate, then this post is for you! If you enjoy color, don’t feel like you have to tone down your taste in order to have a wedding like everyone else’s. Embrace your creative side and spread color throughout outfits, accessories, hair, makeup, paper goods, food, flowers, tablescapes, and décor. In this post, we’ll review examples of how to add in that wanted pop of color to create your dreamy colorful wedding.



White, off-white, cream, beige, and champagne are the traditional colors for wedding dresses. But there are ways to still have a white wedding dress and add pops of color. You could add colorful stitching embellishments, or an ombré dyed skirt, or dyed under-layers that only show in movement. Or, if you were open to a fully-colored dress, designers like Hayley Paige have recently released stunning blush tone dresses. And color doesn’t have to end with the bride: Traditionally, grooms veer towards black, navy blue, grey, or beige suits, but there are incredibly handsome light blue and dark green options too.


If a colorful dress or suit isn’t your thing, then consider adding color through accessories. I recently saw a bride that wore a solid white dress and rocked a colorful embellished veil that was stitched with a rainbow assortment of flowers. You could also match your shoes to the color palate or have the full bridal party wear colorful matching or differently-colored shoes. And don’t forget about men’s socks: Hubby and I gifted the groomsmen at our wedding Star Wars Stormtrooper socks to go with my husband’s Darth Vader socks. Those socks were white and black but super quirky and made for great photos. You can get original with socks. Think of socks like the dyed underneath of the wedding gown: People only see it when in movement, but it’s an unexpected place to pop some color.

Hair and Makeup

My best friend has gorgeous, long, blonde hair. She always dreamed of dyeing her hair pink for her wedding day. She did an ombré effect with light pink bottoms, and it suited her personality perfectly. Dying your hair for wedding day isn’t going to be for everyone, but a less permanent color option is painting your nails. As opposed to the common French, white, or blush manicures, why not paint your nails in a shade that compliments the rest of the colors of your day?

Paper Goods

I think paper goods are the easiest and most affordable way to add color to your special day. Beginning with your save-the-date, guests will start to feel the vibe of your day. By the time they receive the invitation and get directed to your wedding website, you have officially set the tone. Guests will know you are hosting a unique wedding before they even arrive at your venue. Invitation companies such as Minted have loads of excellent save-the-date and invitation options. It doesn’t cost extra to use more color—on the contrary, in most cases adding neutral metallics is the up-charge. On wedding day, escort cards from the matching invitation suite finish off your cohesive colorful paper goods. Use paper fans as a more affordable and high impact décor for your wedding arbor. You can also hang matching paper fans from the center pole of an outdoor tented reception. Invite your guests to celebrate the end of your ceremony with cones of rainbow biodegradable confetti. The photos are magical.


I just love the idea of adding pops of color through food! Almost all weddings have the same type of food, with the typical catering hall menu and a white cake. Let’s change it up, people! Signature alcoholic drinks with kitschy names often add a cute pop of color to wedding day. But the fun drinks don’t have to end with alcoholic beverages. Take a look below at this delightful rainbow soda bottle display. Also consider adding color to the cake. You could have your florist hold aside some matching bouquet flowers, and your baker will include them into the cake at the top or in a cascading manner down the side. Or you could give your baker some artistic freedom with colorful icing. All eyes are upon the cake during the cake-cutting photo opp: Don’t miss out on this focal point moment.


Flowers are the typical place that couples utilize to add color to their wedding. Between bouquets, wrist corsages, boutonnieres, a ceremony arbor, and centerpieces, ask your florist to get imaginative! You don’t need the roses, peonies, and hydrangeas everyone uses. Think outside the box with wild flowers and garden flowers to find more colorful options. You may even save some money by picking the nontraditional wedding flowers. Keep in mind if you make tropical selections such as orchids, you will actually spend more. Try to select flowers that are regional to your area and in season.


Now this is an area that is always lacking color. Venues typically offer white table linens, white napkins, white plates, silver cutlery, and clear glassware. Don’t be afraid to ask your venue if they have alternatives available for free or rent. Sometimes they may offer gold or multi-tone silverware. They may also have different color linens available. If they don’t, then consider how much of an impact the tablescape will make in transforming the room, and rent what your venue can’t provide! The basics you need on your tables to achieve your colorful affair are colored floor-length linens and colored chargers. Chargers in silver, gold, or another color to match your color scheme will create each place setting. Then dress up the place setting with colored or patterned napkins. If you have the budget to rent colored glassware, this creates an extremely luxurious feel, since guests don’t expect color in this area. It’s a splurge, but it really makes the table. And finish the evening off with cake cutting utensils that will wow in your photographs.


Besides flowers, there are other options for décor such as uplighting, balloons, tassel strings, ribbons, wall drapery, chair sashes, and smoke bombs. Of this list, the one with the highest impact is uplighting, because it 100% transforms the space and creates a color immersive environment. Uplighting can be one color throughout the whole space or multiple colors that transition throughout the night. Sometimes venues offer uplighting or pin lighting for the centerpieces, but typically you will need to rent lighting from your DJ company. The rest of the décor options listed are add-on options if you have the budget. I often see plain white outdoor reception tents with decorative drapery, ribbons, or tassels hanging from the poles. When your venue is a blank white slate, you need to think outside the box and add in pops of color where you can.

Photo Credit: fashion and wedding
Photo Credit: green wedding shoes


Think about every area of your wedding you can add a color choice instead of white or neutrals: outfits, accessories, hair, makeup, paper goods, food, flowers, tablescapes, and décor. On the most important day of your life, don’t let your affair blend into the background. Stand out! Dazzle your guests with some unexpected color pops and actually create that oh-so-desired “wedding like no one else’s.”

DISCLAIMER: Any brands listed above are not sponsors.

Magical Disney Wedding Venues in Florida

The Walt Disney theme parks and resorts are often lovingly called “the most magical and happiest place on Earth,” and with good reason: Disney’s timeless stories of good conquering evil, finding true love, reinforcing family bonds, and nurturing lifelong friendships portrayed in their movies and television shows enrich the lives of millions of children around the world every day. A Disney-filled childhood is a wholesome childhood spent learning that you should treat others with respect, that it’s okay to fail as long as you keep trying, and that there’s always time for a catchy little song and choreographed dance routine.

But Disney is not just theme parks, film, and TV: They are a massive $60 billion in annual revenue corporation with businesses in studio entertainment, media networks, and interactive media; consumer products; theme parks, cruise lines, and resorts; as well as the assets, infrastructure, research, development, engineering (Imagineering), design, construction, operations, and maintenance associated with all of those activities; and so much more.

So of course (and luckily for you, readers!) Disney also offers the priceless opportunity to say “I do!” in dozens of their magical properties around the world! Although Amarvelous Event serves the New York City metropolitan area, we can’t help but to feature some of the fantastical fairy-tale venues available for wedding ceremonies and receptions at the Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts in Florida!

Disney categorizes their wedding packages into the Wishes, Escape, and Memories Collections, and their nearly fifty venues in Florida may appear under multiple packages. The Disney Wedding Collections are summarized in the table below:

DescriptionA perfect fit for a vow
renewal or intimate
celebration. Plan the
perfect celebration
with the people who
mean the most.
Imagine a ceremony as
charming and elegant
as the two of you.
Share your special
moments as you embark
on your new life together.
Whether you’ve dreamt
of a ceremony complete
with Cinderella’s Coach
or a beautiful outdoor
celebration in an exotic
courtyard, consider your
wish granted.
Ceremony Musician
Personal Floral for Bride & Groom
Cake & Champagne Celebration
Limousine or In-Room Celebration
Number of Guests
(in Addition to
the Couple)
Up to 4Maximum of 18Minimum of 18
Wedding Sales Consultant
Day-of Coordinator
Disney Wedding Planner
Planning Services for Menu, Floral, Entertainment, Reception Decor and Transportation
Ceremony Rehearsal
Discounted Rooms
Discounted Theme Park Tickets
Pricing*Starting at $3,500Starting at $7,000Starting at $12,000

*Pricing is accurate as of the date that this post was published. Note custom package and pricing disclaimers on the Disney Weddings website here.

All right, onto the venues! Do you have your pen and paper? You’re going to want to take notes, because there are a lot of them, and with the sheer variety of offerings, Disney has something for everyone!

Wishes Collection

“Creating your dream wedding begins with selecting a location that speaks to you as a couple. Walt Disney World Resort offers a staggering variety of inspired settings for ceremonies and receptions. From Disney’s Wedding Pavilion on its own private island to Italy, located in Epcot, we’ve got a little something for everyone. It’s time to explore where your fairy tale will begin.”

– Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons website

The Wishes Collection has 42 venues to choose from, including 17 ceremony venues and 26 reception venues (one location, Italy Isola, hosts both ceremonies and receptions):

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion
Magic Kingdom Area – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Easily our most popular wedding venue, this breathtaking Victorian chapel surrounded by a serene lagoon occupies its own private island, entered by footbridge. A view of the iconic Cinderella Castle provides an unforgettable fairy-tale backdrop.

Image Credit:

Magic Kingdom Park Evening
Magic Kingdom Park
Experience the ultimate fairy tale when you exchange your vows in the center of Disney magic—and feel like royalty as you begin your happily ever after in the place where dreams come true.

Image Credit:

East Plaza Garden
Magic Kingdom Park
See your fantasy become reality as you say “I do” in front of majestic Cinderella Castle. Your guests will delight in magic and wonder as they are surrounded by the sights and sounds of Main Street, U.S.A. in a charming garden setting at the heart of Magic Kingdom Park.

Image Credit:

Walt Disney World Railroad Train Station
Magic Kingdom Park
Treat your Guests to a magical ceremony inside Magic Kingdom park at the Walt Disney World Railroad train station. Next stop: true love!

Image Credit:

Canada Courtyard & Terrace
Epcot Area – Canada
Say your vows in front of the cascading waterfalls inspired by the Canadian Rockies, a strikingly majestic setting perfect for nature lovers. The rugged beauty of this venue is sure to make an everlasting impression on your guests.

Image Credit:

China Courtyard
Epcot Area – China
Experience the ancient culture and amazing artistry of the Far East. Pledge to eternity on an imperial bridge over a lotus-filled lily pond with an exotic backdrop of gabled red-tiled roofs.

Image Credit:

Germany Courtyard
Epcot Area – Germany
Stroll down cobblestone streets to the central platz, where you’ll marry in a charming Bavarian village courtyard complete with picturesque window boxes and medieval architecture straight from the pages of a storybook.

Image Credit:

Italy Plaza
Epcot Area – Italy
Declare your everlasting amore for one another when you say “I do” on this stepped terrace in a piazza surrounded by Roman architecture, including a water feature inspired by Rome’s Trevi fountain.

Image Credit:

Japan Courtyard
Epcot Area – Japan
Exquisite beauty and deep reverence fill the moment you recite your vows beneath a blue-roofed pagoda nestled in Japanese maples and monkey puzzle trees. Well-tended gardens, koi ponds and serene streams embody Zen mystique.

Image Credit:

Epcot Area – Morocco
Feel as though you’re exchanging vows in a faraway land, surrounded by striking Moroccan architecture. Intricate mosaics made by native craftsmen set the stage for an exotic and unforgettable ceremony.

Image Credit:

United Kingdom Courtyard
Epcot Area – United Kingdom
Delight in the delicacy of a courtyard inspired by England’s formal gardens when you exchange vows in this well-manicured space with neatly planted rows of flowers, a charming gazebo, green hedges and a white-pillared fence surrounded by tall trees.

Image Credit:

Sea Breeze Point
Epcot Area – Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
As if from a different era, the grand gazebo at Sea Breeze Point is a truly lovely open-air setting along the boardwalk, with magnificent views of Crescent Lake. Evocative of 1920s seaside resorts, this venue is as timeless as it is romantic.

Image Credit:

Croquet Court & Lawn
Epcot Area – Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
Feel like you’re getting married in your own private English garden. Tucked away at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, this large rectangular lawn book-ended by white trellises and bordered by greenery is as lovely as it is secluded.

Image Credit:

Yacht Club Wedding Gazebo
Epcot Area – Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
If you’re looking for a classically elegant venue, look no further than the Wedding Gazebo at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, where you’ll exchange vows surrounded by blooming roses and loved ones on a perfectly manicured lawn.

Image Credit:

Hollywood Boulevard
Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Lights, camera, action! Step into your happily ever after amid the glitz and glamour of the famous boulevard.

Image Credit:

American Adventure Rotunda
Epcot Area – American Adventure Pavilion
Ideal for an opulent reception dinner, the American Adventure Rotunda features some of the country’s most exemplary colonial design. An awe-inspiring domed ceiling and stately white columns will make you feel like the First Couple.

Image Credit:

Great Hall of China
Epcot Area – China
Pass through “The Gate of the Golden Sun,” modeled after the Summer Palace of Beijing’s main gate, and celebrate your big day amid the splendor of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations.

Image Credit:

Eau de France
Epcot Area – France
Celebrate your union with an unforgettable dessert party on the secluded lower terrace, beside the flowing water suggesting the Seine River of yesteryear, where you and your guests are treated to stunning views of World Showcase Lagoon and a replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Image Credit:

Italy Isola – West Plaza
Epcot Area – Italy
Host a joyful Italian celebration where a sweeping piazza with replicas of St. Mark’s Campanile and the Doge’s Palace provide a picturesque backdrop while you and your guests look upon World Showcase Lagoon and Spaceship Earth.

Image Credit:

Italy Isola
Epcot Area – Italy
Cross a footbridge to this private island terrace in front of the Italy Pavilion for an exclusive celebration where gondolas and striped mooring poles evoke the timeless romance of Venice and the waters of World Showcase Lagoon shimmer.

Image Credit:

Living Seas Salon
Epcot Area – Future World
Make waves with a unique reception that feels as if you are “underwater” where your guests can enjoy more than 6,000 sea creatures swimming inside a 5.7-million-gallon saltwater aquarium, clearly visible through a wall of windows framed by rich woods.

Image Credit:

Terrace des Fleurs
Epcot Area – France
Blooming flower beds, beautiful stonework and a breathtaking Parisian-inspired backdrop overlooking World Showcase Lagoon make this upper terrace a fairy tale locale for an outdoor reception.

Image Credit:

United Kingdom Lochside
Epcot Area – United Kingdom
Quaint English shops, old-fashioned streetlamps and flower-filled planters surround this lower-terrace location right beside the waters of World Showcase Lagoon, offering amazing views of the nighttime fireworks spectacular.

Image Credit:

United Kingdom Terrace
Epcot Area – United Kingdom
Enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of this upper-terrace location surrounded by stone walls and a verdant country garden. Located alongside World Showcase Lagoon, this venue features ironwork tables with cheerful striped umbrellas.

Image Credit:

California Grill
Magic Kingdom Area – Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Panoramic views and incredible California cuisine are specialties of the house at this top-rated restaurant, the perfect venue for a casually elegant daytime reception. Survey Magic Kingdom park in all its glory from the heights of the 15th floor.

Image Credit:

Magic Kingdom Area – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Warm and intimate yet still bright and airy, Cítricos is the perfect setting for a reception or wedding brunch. With a welcoming ambience and a delicious Mediterranean-inspired menu, your event will exude style without being stuffy.

Image Credit:

Napa and Sonoma Rooms at California Grill
Magic Kingdom Area – Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Sophistication and sumptuous seasonal cuisine await you at this award-winning restaurant atop the 15th floor. Celebrate each other while gazing upon Cinderella Castle from the Napa Room or Bay Lake from the Sonoma Room.

Image Credit:

The Attic
Epcot Area – Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
This cozy window-lined room on the third floor on Disney’s BoardWalk Villas is reminiscent of an airy seaside cottage, with a charming shabby chic country décor and a sun-splashed deck looking upon sparkling Crescent Lake.

Image Credit:

Epcot Area – Disney’s Beach Club Resort
Your reception is bound to go swimmingly at this aquatic-inspired venue awash in soft teals and corals. Celebrate beneath hand-blown crystal bubbles and colorful fish for an unforgettable affair immersed in undersea enchantment.

Image Credit:

Atlantic Dance Hall
Epcot Area – Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
Experience the flavor of Atlantic City at this waterfront dance hall with spectacular views of Crescent Lake. This festive multilevel venue features an expansive wood-paneled dance floor and grand staircase entry to the main dining room.

Image Credit:

BoardWalk Inn Ballrooms
Epcot Area – Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
Revel in the romance and nostalgia of a bygone era at this waterfront resort steeped in old-fashioned seaside charm. Choose from several distinctive ballrooms and celebrate your wedding day in grand turn-of-the-century style.  

Image Credit:

Tree of Life
Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Celebrate your “I do’s” in front of the iconic centerpiece of Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a truly unique and immersive ceremony.

Image Credit:

Tower of Terror Courtyard
Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Check-in for a truly one-of-a-kind celebration in an outdoor courtyard inspired by old Hollywood.

Image Credit:

Contemporary Resort Ballrooms
Magic Kingdom Area – Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Embark on your bright future together amidst the forward-thinking design and sleek, ultra-modern luxury of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Image Credit:

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Ballrooms
Magic Kingdom Area – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Genteel refinement and Victorian elegance bring high-buttoned style to your wedding event. Attentive service and decadent details like glittering crystal chandeliers bestow extravagance befitting your big day.

Image Credit:

Shipwreck Beach
Epcot Area – Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort
Enjoy a casual, barefoot celebration as you and your guests soak up the sunshine or celebrate under the stars on the white-sand beach stretching along the shores of Crescent Lake, complete with a lighthouse and a sunken pirate ship!

Image Credit:

Crescent Cove
Epcot Area – Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort
For a more intimate gathering on the white-sand shores of Crescent Lake, this secluded beach spot near a sunken pirate ship boasts sweeping water views and a breezy New England charm your guests will relish and remember forever.

Image Credit:

Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Ballrooms
Epcot Area – Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort
Reviving the seaside splendor of Newport and Nantucket during the late 1800s, Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort offers regal New England surroundings and tasteful nautical themes in every ballroom.

Image Credit:

Tamu Tamu Courtyard
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
Dance the night away under a romantic canopy of trees in this secluded courtyard in inspired by the African village of Harambe. String lights and native lanterns cast an enchanting and exotic glow upon your magical and memorable evening.

Image Credit:

Harambe Street
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
For a truly unforgettable adventure, travel to a town inspired by an exotic African village nestled amidst sprawling wildlife preserves, where you and your guests will celebrate with a private party under the stars.  

Image Credit:

Norway Loft
Epcot Area – Norway
Nestled away in a Norwegian inspired village is a versatile space ready to be transformed into the reception of your dreams.

Image Credit:

Oak Manor Lawn
Disney Springs Area
Towering oak trees, a stately southern manor, charming walkways and an enchanting river set the scene for your “Special Day” at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort.  

Image Credit:

Escape Collection

“From the beauty and grandeur of Disney’s Wedding Pavilion with a perfect view of Cinderella Castle to a timeless seaside resort, each Escape Collection venue is designed to inspire and delight you with its elegance and charm, setting the stage and helping to make your day everything you imagined. We’ve included all the special touches from floral, photography and transportation to a violinist, a Cake & Champagne Celebration and even an on-site Wedding Coordinator for the day of your ceremony.”

– Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons website

The Escape Collection includes five venues to choose from:

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion
Disney’s Magic Kingdom Area – Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Easily our most popular wedding venue, this breathtaking Victorian chapel surrounded by a serene lagoon occupies its own private island, entered by footbridge. A view of Cinderella Castle provides an unforgettable fairy-tale backdrop.

Image Credit:

Canada Courtyard & Terrace
Epcot Area – Canada
Say your vows in front of the cascading waterfalls of the Canadian Rockies, a strikingly majestic setting perfect for nature lovers. The rugged beauty of this venue is sure to make an everlasting impression on your guests.

Image Credit:

Sea Breeze Point
Epcot Area – Disney’s BoardWalk Resort
As if from a different era, the grand gazebo at Sea Breeze Point is a truly lovely open-air setting along the boardwalk, with magnificent views of Crescent Lake. Evocative of 1920s seaside resorts, this venue is as timeless as it is romantic.

Image Credit:

Wedding Gazebo
Epcot Area – Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
If you’re looking for a classically elegant venue, look no further than the Wedding Gazebo at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, where you can exchange vows surrounded by blooming roses and loved ones on a perfectly manicured lawn.

Image Credit:

Luau Pointe
Disney’s Magic Kingdom Area – Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
Secluded in an oasis of towering palms and lush greenery, this venue is the perfect backdrop for those couples looking for a tropical getaway. Surrounded by the spirit of the South Pacific, you and your guests will be dazzled by the views overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Image Credit:

Memories Collection

“For romantic ceremonies and celebrations that call for a quieter and more personal affair, we present the Memories Collection. Your expert Disney Wedding Coordinator will help you create a charming and truly beautiful event with personal touches that you’ll remember for years to come, with up to 4 guests in addition to the couple.”

– Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons website

The Memories Collection includes four venues to choose from:

Conch Key Marina
Disney’s Magic Kingdom Area – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Create unforgettable memories when you say your vows beside a boat dock with a waterfront that includes Cinderella Castle, the monorail and the graceful Victorian gables of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Image Credit:

Luau Beach
Disney’s Magic Kingdom Area – Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
Be enveloped by relaxing island vibes as you commemorate your union in an intimate ceremony on sugar-white sand framed by tropical trees.

Image Credit:

Luau Pointe
Disney’s Magic Kingdom Area – Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
Secluded in an oasis of towering palms and lush greenery, this venue is the perfect backdrop for those couples looking for an unforgettable tropical getaway. Surrounded by the spirit of the South Pacific, you and your guests will be dazzled by the views overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Image Credit:

Sago Cay
Disney’s Magic Kingdom Area – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Experience an intimate waterfront ceremony on a tree-lined terrace with gorgeous views of Seven Seas Lagoon, Cinderella Castle in the distance, and the Victorian architecture of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Image Credit:

Phew, that was a lot! Did you find a venue that you loved? If you did, then head on over to to start planning the happiest day of your life in The Happiest Place on Earth!

DISCLAIMER: Any brands listed above are not sponsors. All venue descriptions originated verbatim from

Wedit: Film-it-Yourself Videography

Wedit: Film-it-Yourself Videography

Whether you are on a tight budget and on the fence about hiring a professional videographer, or if you have your videographer booked for wedding day but are afraid you are going to miss other memories during your long weekend affair: Don’t fret—Amarvelous Event has you covered! In this post, we’ll talk about Wedit—an alternative to wedding videography—as well as how it works, the pricing, and why this could be a great option for you!

I am a strong believer that you would regret not having video coverage of your big day. You may not watch the video often, but it will be something down the road you may want to have. Maybe you’ll take it out annually to watch on your anniversary, or maybe you’ll show it to your future children. We had family, friends, and coworkers who couldn’t make it to our wedding but watched our 10-minute video reel and loved the opportunity to see our special day. Whatever your reason, don’t regret not having video coverage.

How Wedit Works

Wedit is a system that allows you to cover videography of your entire wedding weekend without a videographer on site. Wait… What?!? You read that correctly. The reason why Wedit is so extremely affordable is because you aren’t paying the salary for someone to be on site at your event all day.

Photo Credit: Wedit


  1. Select your package.
  2. The Wednesday before your event, Wedit mails you five HD iPod Touches in the mail.
  3. Pick five people you are going to assign cameras to for the entire weekend (bridesmaids and groomsmen would be killer at this job), or you can distribute the job to as many people as you like throughout the weekend. Maybe a different person each day for each camera.
  4. Go crazy and take as much footage as you like! Each camera holds up to four hours of HD footage, so you may want to stagger who is filming during which hours.
  5. Mail back the cameras by the Tuesday after the wedding.
Photo Credit: Wedit


  • You aren’t only limited to the video content from the five Wedit cameras. You can also send Wedit other footage that you recorded, and the editors can add it into the final product.
  • You are not limited to Wedit editors either. You can also edit the content yourself or use a third-party editor.
  • If you selected an editing package through Wedit, then fill out the editing preference form and Wedit’s editing team uses your choices to create a professionally edited video that you will love.
  • Edited videos take about four to six weeks to receive.
  • After your video is edited, it will be uploaded directly to your Wedit account.
  • Should you want small changes, the editors will do one round of small changes.
  • Once you approve your edit, then you will be sent the final video on a USB to keep.
Photo Credit: Wedit


  • Your footage is available online a whole year for viewing, download, and sharing. You own the rights to everything you capture and can use the footage as you like.
  • Remember to download all the files to your computer before the year is up!
Photo Credit: Wedit


I think the main reason people choose not to do videography is due to funds. Photographers and videographers are costly because you are not just hiring staff for event day—They are on-site for eight to twelve hours, capturing the memories, then their job continues after the event as they begin editing the content that they captured! Plus, you are left with tangible photographs and videos that last a lifetime. Of course, photographers and videographers tend to be the priciest vendor.

If you are currently on the fence about paying for videography, then consider that the pricing for Wedit ranges from $374 to $649, and you only need a $50 deposit to reserve your wedding date. That is insanely cheap!

Note: Pricing is current as of the date that this post was published.


  • Camera Rental Only – Date Hold: $50
    • Add editing later for $349 which is due 60 days prior to your event
  • Camera Rental Only – Pay Now And Save Package: $374 (save $25 when paid in full)
    • 5 HD cameras for one week
    • Online hosting for 12 months
    • Digital download of all footage
    • Prepaid shipping
  • Camera Rental & Highlight Reel: $524 (save $50 when you purchase your full-length video and rental package at the same time)
    • Includes everything from the Pay Now And Save package PLUS
    • 3 to 5-minute video set to a song of your choice
    • One round of small edits
    • USB with finished video
  • Camera Rental & Full-Length Video: $649 (save $75 when you purchase your full length video and rental package at the same time)
    • Includes everything from the Camera Rental & Highlight Reel PLUS
    • 30 to 60-minute video including vows and speeches

Note: Pricing is current as of the date that this post was published.

Wedit Has Thought of Everything

  • Wedit does not require signature for its packages when they arrive. This is awesome, because you will be running left and right during the days before your wedding, finishing last-minute tasks, spending time with family, and having salon treatments. No one has time to wait around for packages!
  • Wedit only ships cameras to the US. However, if your event is out of the country and you or a guest are traveling from the US to get there, then Wedit can mail the cameras to you before you leave. Canadians can contact customer service for other delivery options.
  • If the Wednesday through Tuesday timeline doesn’t work for your needs, then let Wedit know and they can add days, thus allowing you to capture all the moments.
  • The cameras have built-in flash and microphones, so get ready to rock those vows and dance floor reception pics.
  • The cameras allow you to zoom, but Wedit recommends you not zoom as it compromises the quality of the footage. Their editors are able to zoom in on the regular footage without creating a granular look. Just let them know what parts you would prefer closer-up. Gee… thanks, Wedit! You think of everything!
  • Wedit covers general wear-and-tear on the iPods. By signing the contract, you acknowledge that you are responsible for replacement if the iPod is lost or damaged.
  • The $50 that you pay to reserve the date is non-refundable. If you cancel before 60 days of your event, you will be issued a partial refund. If you cancel within 60 days of your event, you are not issued a refund.

Have I Convinced You Yet?

Wedit is a fantastic videography option for budget-savvy couples looking to capture several days of wedding festivities. And Wedit is NOT ONLY FOR WEDDINGS! You can rent Wedit cameras for any event or occasion. If you are interested in booking Wedit for your event, then click here to check out their website and learn more.

DISCLAIMER: Amarvelous Event is part of the Wedit Affiliate Program but has not been compensated for this post.