TV Shows to Watch During Your Engagement

If you’re engaged (or just love weddings and love) and are looking for some stress relief or a dreamy love story to carry you away one night a week, then look no further. The below list contains the top wedding related TV shows that will carry you through your engagement. These shows will take you through dating, proposals, bachelor parties, cake selections, dress selections, weddings, and, most importantly, communication. There are many lessons to be learned, bridal inspirations, and binge-worthy content. So what are you waiting for? Cozy up with your fiancé and a bowl of white cheddar popcorn (a personal favorite), and pick a series to watch.

Disclaimer: Videos beyond this point may have adult language and content.

[Post Updated: January 22, 2021]


90-Day Fiancé

TLC is seven seasons into 90-Day Fiancé, a show that tests if an international long-distance relationship can stand the true test of making it in real life. Utilizing a fiancé visa (K-1), the show brings the overseas participants together for the allowed ninety days to see if they can continue to grow their love in that time. If they decide to not get married before the 90-day visa deadline, then their partner will be repatriated to their home country. This show follows couples as they work through difficult topics of language barriers, cultural barriers, and family drama. There are also spinoff series on TLC that show where the couples are now—so if you were rooting for any favorite couples, then be sure to check in on them now!

Video Credit: TLC

Bachelorette Weekend

Ok, so your wedding planner is taking care of the wedding, but who’s taking care of planning your bachelorette or bachelor party? If you’re headed to Nashville, then Bach Weekend could be. They are a Nashville-based company that creates once-in-a-lifetime bachelor and bachelorette experiences. This show follows the day-by-day behind-the-scenes of this specialized event planning company and what it takes to pull off an unforgettable full weekend affair in Nashville. This show provides great inspiration for couples, best men, and maids of honor. And if you didn’t plan on picking Nashville for your bach bash but would someday like to visit, then a lot of the activities that the show books are totally things you can do when you’re in town. This CMT show had one full season in 2018, and it is unclear if there will be a second season. However, episodes are available online and are really worth a watch.

Video Credit: CMT

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

A favorite reality TV show of mine is the ABC Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise. With the two seasons taking up most of the year, you have plenty of content to keep your Monday nights well occupied. The Bachelor airs from winter to early spring and is just about to complete season 24 (as of this writing). The Bachelorette airs from spring to mid-summer and is going into its 16th season. Although the drama and fighting over the same person can sometimes be a lot to take in, I do love the awesome contestant wardrobes and their incredible world travels. If true love is found, that’s a bonus.

Video Credit: ABC
Video Credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise (or “BIP” for superfans) is an ABC spinoff of The Bachelor/Bachelorette. For five seasons, ABC has brought together castaways from the main two series to cohabitate in a Mexican mansion on the beach and see who can fall in love. The show tests the relationships each week by introducing new castaways into the mix. Hubby and I actually enjoy this show together, as it is often hilarious and contains an even mix of men and women. BIP surprisingly has a pretty high success rate too, since there are quite a few marriages that came out of Mexico. The show runs from late summer to early fall on Monday nights.

Video Credit: ABC


Although I despise the word “Bridezilla,” this one made the list for comedic stress relief. WE TV has coined Bridezilla as the name of their popular 12-season (and going!) reality TV series. The show follows real brides through the dramatic and exhausting wedding planning process. The stresses can become a lot, and the brides meltdowns, family feuds, and social media wars will help you see that the stress you are experiencing in your own wedding planning process may not be as bad as you think it is.

Video Credit: WE TV


This new eight-episode Netflix show has taken the world by storm, with over 63 million views worldwide in just a month after its release. Set in 1813 London, it’s a coming-of-age story for Daphne Bridgerton, who gracefully maneuvers through the debutante ball, courtship, and marriage. A true love story. I binge-watched this show in just a few evenings and was left craving more. After the great success of season one, Netflix has confirmed a second season. But if you simply cannot wait for the next season and need a Bridgerton fix stat, then get ready to pick up a new book series! This show is actually based on Julia Quinn’s bestselling eight-part romance series, The Bridgerton Series. Each book in the series focuses on the storyline of a Bridgerton sibling, ending in a ninth book epilogue of short stories to close out each character. Enjoy watching and reading!

Video Credit: Netflix

Cheapest Weddings

I love a deal, but these couples take cheap to the next level. Getting sick of your ever-increasing wedding budget and overly-inflated wedding price tags? Well, these couples have vowed to plan their weddings as cheaply as possible, and it IS possible! Tune in to catch some tips and tricks that could bring your costs down. This show ran for only one season in 2016. It’s actually really wonderful, and I wish that it would be brought back. All episodes are available for watching and download on Netflix.

Video Credit: Australia’s Seven Network

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

I’m sure every girl has had a Cinderella dream with the ballgown, castle, and prince. Well, in 2017, Disney released two TV wedding specials: Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and a holiday-themed episode called Holiday Magic. It was so well received that in 2018 they released a six-part TV series with a new couple per episode either having a vow renewal or getting married at one of the Disney properties. In February 2020, season two began airing! There are many venues available on the Disney properties, and although this show gives us all the Cinderella feels, its main objective is to showcase the Disney magic and possibilities of having your affair at one of their properties. This one is a definite must-watch for any Disney lover. And for those of you considering a Disney wedding, click here to read our blog post on Magical Disney Wedding Venues in Florida.

Video Credit: Disney

Extreme Engagement

Extreme Engagement is a Netflix original series that follows a newly-engaged couple around the world for one year. They travel to eight destinations in total and go on a series of adventurous excursions that test the limits of the relationship. Do they have what it takes to stay engaged and guarantee a travel partner for life? This series is for the travel-philes and definitely one I am going to have Hubby watch with me.

Video Credit: Tim Noonan

Four Weddings

Who doesn’t love a little competition? This TLC show has four brides attend each other’s weddings and vote on certain criteria to ultimately determine the bride with the best wedding. The winning couple wins a fantastic honeymoon getaway. The best part of this show is that you get to see four weddings in under an hour. Lots of inspiration. The show has been uber successful, making it to season 11.

Video Credit: TLC

Love is Blind

A brand-new Netflix original reality series that tests the theory of love being blind. The women live in one house, and the men live in another. They go on dates to these pods where they can hear each other but not see each other. The only way to progress is to fall in love and propose, sight unseen! Couples that do get engaged move on to a week-long trip to Mexico where they have the opportunity to vacation with their newly-betrothed. Then they head home to meet the families and continue to plan their weddings that will take place later that month. Talk about an accelerated timeline! Of all lessons learned in this series, I’d say communication is number one. This would be a great series to weekend binge with your fiancé.

Video Credit: Netflix

Married at First Sight

Going into its 10th season, this Lifetime series is the true test for a romantic. Do you have the guts to get married to a complete stranger? The series follows five couples in the reverse stages of a relationship. They start with a marriage, go on honeymoon, move in together, and then work through the trials and tribulations of daily life and getting to know their partner. The goal of this show is to push participants to be open, be accepting, foster good communication skills, and work through issues with their new mate. After several weeks together, the couples have a choice to remain together or get divorced.

Video Credit: Lifetime

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

TLC had a popular British documentary series that told the story of Gypsy culture in the UK. Since then, they released a spinoff series that takes a look at the American Gypsies and their extravagant wedding celebrations. The unconventional practices, high emotions, layers upon layers of tulle, and sparkly tiaras will provide you with some well-needed binge-watching and decompression during any stage of your wedding planning process.

Video Credit: TLC

Say Yes to the Dress

Every year, thousands of women flock to the iconic Kleinfeld’s bridal store in Manhattan, New York City, to find the dress of their dreams. TLC is in their 18th season of this wedding dress shopping show where women try on dresses until they find the one and ultimately “say yes to the dress.” The show has also had several successful wedding dress shopping spinoffs in Atlanta, the UK, and Australia. There has also been a special bridesmaid version for four seasons. All episodes are available on TLC’s website.

Video Credit: TLC

Say Yes to the Dress America

The newest TLC spin off of “Say Yes to the Dress” is the America series where Randy Fenoli hosts a bride from each of the fifty states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico. He helps them all find their dream dresses then ends the season officiating a joint wedding ceremony in the middle of Central Park where all 104 people say “I do” at the same time.

Video Credit: TLC

Wedding Cake Championships

The most creative food item at your wedding will be your cake. This is about the only item you will get to design with a chef. The Food Network created a championship-style show fully about wedding cake design. They invite several top cake designers to a bake-off to see who can design and cook the best-looking and tastiest wedding cake for actual soon-to-be married couples. The show began in 2018 and will return in June 2020 (if renewed for season three).

Video Credit: Triunfo Creek Vineyards


BONUS VIDEOS from TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates for your sheer enjoyment:

Video Credit: TLC
Video Credit: TLC

So much TV and so little time! But the primary goal here is for you to have some shows that help you de-stress (while still being productive). During your own wedding planning journey, you will have wedding on the brain all the time, and this can be an extremely stressful time as a couple. So allot some time each week for yourselves to relax, learn something, and gain wedding inspiration. Happy planning and binging!

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