31 Ways to Have a Spooktastic Halloween-Inspired Wedding

Hello goblins, ghouls, witches, and warlocks! As we approach Halloween, what better time to explore ways of incorporating spooky and eerie Halloween elements into your wedding? In this week’s post, we’ll cover 31 ways to spook-up your ambiance, attire, décor, florals, food, and themes!


1. Bat Napkin Fold

If you planned for black napkins, don’t miss the opportunity to fold into a simple bat design. This is a free way to take what you already have and infuse your theme into the small details.

Image Credit: The House of Elyn Ryn

2. Bonfire

Hubby and I did a bonfire with s’mores bar at our rehearsal dinner, and it was one of my favorite parts of the wedding weekend. I’ve been seeing more photos online recently of couples that did a bonfire on their actual wedding night. Just magical.

Image Credit: Nicole Aston Photography

3. Bottle of “Boos”

If your wedding is going to have family-style wine bottles on each table, you could print “Bottle of Boos” (read: “Booze”) labels and glue them over the existing labels on the bottles. Or you could think of another clever saying, one for red and one for white wine (perhaps “blood” and “bile”).

Image Credit: Country Living

4. Candelabras

Nothing is more romantic than candlelight. Candelabras allow you to have several candles in each stand, providing more light than traditional singular candles. Imagine dimming the lights even more and dining by candelabra candlelight.

Image Credit: Jayd Gardina Photography

5. Candle Sticks

I recently discovered dripless candlesticks, which are great for your home parties to maintain a clean look, but for a spooky look you should 100% go with the drip kind – and opt for something with colors. For example, if your uplighting is purple, then go for a purple candlestick. Pull your colors through every small detail.

Image Credit: Style Me Pretty

6. Candy Apple Bar

You won’t be bobbing for apples at this wedding! Set up a dessert bar with apples that guests can dip in red candy, chocolate, caramel, or even marshmallow fluff. Then have bowls with an assortment of toppings such as nuts, chocolates, sea salt, etc. This is a fresh take on a candy favor, while being interactive, custom, and really freakin’ tasty!

Image Credit: Lindorelli

7. Candy Bar Venetian Hour

I love a candy bar and feel edible favors are the best kind. Your guests will leave your wedding (or after-party) with a sweet tooth and be so thankful for the treats. Especially for a Halloween-themed wedding, you must have a sendoff that includes candy!

Image Credit: Spooky Little Halloween

8. Dark Bridesmaid Dresses

I see the bridesmaids dresses in either a heavier material such as velvet, or in a lighter silky material with a little shine to it. Keep to dark shades of black, purple, red, green, or blue for just the moody look your girls need.

Image Credit: Erin Morrison Photography

9. Day of the Dead Cake Topper

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday that begins on October 31st. The purpose is to meet with family and friends to remember those that have departed our realm. You could plan your very own Día de los Muertos for your October 31st wedding. Instead of having a dark and moody event, it would rather be more colorful, and the fun exception could be a face painting bar.

Image Credit: Top Topper Shop on Etsy

10. Deep Red, Purple, and Black Hues

As mentioned above in the bridesmaid dress section, dark hues are the way to go for a moody spooky Halloween wedding, but don’t stop with the dresses – think about tablecloth linens, napkins, and florals.

Image Credit: Faire la Fête Linen Rentals

11. Dry Ice Signature Drink

Similar to the fog machine for the room (#14 below), dry ice added to your signature drink will add an eerie element and elevate your bar. Also consider picking a drink that is tinted dark red. It will look like boiling blood!

Image Credit: Becky the Cookie Rookie

12. Dyed Red White Chocolate Fountain

And while we’re on the blood train, just add some red dye to your white chocolate fountain, and everything you dip in will be blood covered. How terrifyingly on theme! Try to go for natural dye options instead of food coloring, and if you wanted to avoid artificial dyes altogether then you could opt to use ruby chocolate with a bit of natural dye to make it red instead of pink.

Image Credit: Arts, Crafts and DIY Projects

13. Floral Branches

Instead of fresh lively florals, you could opt for a chic bare dead branches look. Light florals could be attached to the branches, or hanging candles can dangle, or they can be totally bare and painted.

Image Credit: BestWeddingThemes.top

14. Fog Machine

Fog can either look like angelic heavenly clouds, or a creepy graveyard. If the rest of your aesthetic was light and bright, then you are in heaven, but if the rest of your aesthetic is dark and moody, then you will get your eerie look.

Image Credit: Wedding Chicks

15. Halloween Costumes

You could take an October 31st wedding very literally and ask all guests to come in costume. You could put a theme on it, like an 80’s wedding, or it can be everyone coming in something unique and different.

Image Credit: Artful Photography

16. Horror Movie Photo Booth Cutouts

Who doesn’t love a good photo booth? Instead of using the typical props the booth comes with, go online and order a set of horror movie props and add them in. Guests who are into scary movies will absolutely love it!

Image Credit: Paper and Cake

17. Influence From Your Favorite Creepy Movie

Whether your favorite is Beetlejuice, The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Halloweentown, or elsewise, you can add in elements of that movie into your especially spooky day.

Image Credit: Gothic Genre Instagram

18. Masquerade Ball

*gushes as I write* Is it just me, or does everyone also fantasize about going to a masquerade ball at least once in their life? I would LOVE to attend a ball where either we were informed in advance to bring our own unique masks, or the couple provided masks at the welcome table before entering the party.

Image Credit: HappyWedd.com

19. Nighttime Ceremony

If you don’t mind partying til the wee hours of the morning, then bump your whole schedule back and start your day with an evening ceremony. Be sure to keep an eye on the full moon schedule, and light all the candles to complete the look.

Image Credit: The One Agency

20. Non-White Wedding Dress

Yes, the tradition is a pure white wedding dress. However, designers are starting to give us off-white, pink, purple, beige, blue, and ombre color effect dresses, and I am here for all these gorgeous options.

Image Credit: MatrimonyPrep.com

21. Officiant Spell Book

Your officiant will most likely hold some kind of book or binder so they can reference wording and not miss a beat. But why does that book or binder have to be hideous? Create a unique “spell” book to add an unexpected element of magic to the nuptials.

Image Credit: HomeIdeas.co

22. Pumpkin Florals

What’s more October or Halloween than pumpkins? There are literally hundreds of ways to incorporate pumpkins into your day. Think centerpieces, table numbers, lining the aisle or staircases, and so on.

Image Credit: Scarlette Blog

23. Red Velvet Cake

Even if it’s your favorite flavor, red velvet is not a common wedding cake flavor because it is so dark and can show through certain icings if the icing is applied too thin. But for your Halloween wedding, it’s bloody perfect, so go for the red, and don’t forget that black velvet cake is also an option!

Image Credit: Molly Lichten Photography

24. Skull Accents

Without getting too kitschy, and adding in too many props that look like fake bones, pick a few spots where you can place some bones. In my opinion, less is more here though. There are some great ideas online for bedazzling with gemstones or opening the top to fit a candle.

Image Credit: O Meu Olhar Para Tu Veres

25. Smoke Bomb

The sole purpose for spoke bombs is for photography with a few people. I wouldn’t plan to give everyone at your wedding a smoke bomb, because the whole area will turn into a dark puff of color. Instead, pull yourself and your spouse or bridal party aside and take some small group shots. The smoke comes in literally every color.

Image Credit: David’s Bridal Instagram

26. Spider Napkin Rings

If you are opting for napkin rings instead of a fancy napkin fold, then consider purchasing fun napkin ring holders. These spiders are an option, or you could go for something else that matches your particular look.

Image Credit: XAAZA Style

27. “Til Death Do Us Part” Signage

You can go literal “til death do us part,” or you can have a little play on words and say “till death do us party.” I have seen both used on welcome signs, programs, bar signage, etc.

Image Credit: Pop Sugar

28. Topsy Turvy or Asymmetric Cake

This is an example of a topsy=turvy upside down wedding cake. You could also go with a traditional tower cake where the large tier is on the bottom and small on top, but ask for the tiers to be asymmetric and at unique angles. Your baker will have a field day with the cake.

Image Credit: Wedding Chicks

29. Uplighting and Pin Lighting

Uplighting and pin lighting totally transform the look of your venue room with the flip of a switch. Shades of red and purple will provide the most Halloween feel to the space, and it is the most affordable way to change the room on a dime.

Image Credit: United With Love

30. Wax Seal Stationary

You can order a whole slew of custom seals online or purchase prefab ones such as a skull or heart. You will pay for the stamp itself and the wax, then it’s your time to actually do this DIY project and seal the envelopes. But what a nice first impression it makes!

Image Credit: Penn & Paperie

31. Wicked Affair Invitation

Don’t miss the opportunity to let guests know as soon as possible that your wedding will be the most fun wedding of the year. Begin teasing your spooky night right from the beginning with invitation wording.

Image Credit: Glitter ‘n’ Spice


And there you have it, a comprehensive list of 31 things you could do to bring a little Halloween spook into your special day. And if you are possibly too far along in the planning process, already got married, or are not getting married and just LOVE HALLOWEEN, then feel free to plan a general Halloween Bash using the tips above. Most (except wedding dress) are transferable to non-marital parties. I hope you enjoyed this list – and have the most fun planning!

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