A Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding

We are in the final season of Game of Thrones, and it’s all everyone is talking about. So, this seems like the opportune moment to discuss how to plan a Game of Thrones inspired wedding/event. In this post, we’ll discuss how to plan a themed party and then go into specific elements such as attire, hair and makeup, décor, florals, place settings, food, paper goods, and ceremonial elements that you can add to your affair to give it that fantasy theme immersion your guests will be wowed over.

First, let’s discuss how to plan a themed affair. You have two options. You could go very literally and include actual elements from the inspiration. Example, a Beauty and the Beast theme with table centerpieces of character figurines such as Mrs. Pots, Chip, and Cogsworth. This is kitschy, but the theme is so literal that there is no way someone would think it was anything else. Otherwise, you could include subtle elements that give the feel of the theme without being too kitschy. Example, a Beauty and the Beast theme with a ballgown wedding dress, suits with tails, red roses, candelabra centerpieces, and gold accents. Nothing specifically screams Beauty and the Beast, but the feel is regal, princess, and tale as old as time. In the end, you have to decide the formality of the event and which theme style works best for you.

Below are specific elements you could include to both capture your Game of Thrones theme in subtle and unsubtle ways.


Medieval Design Dress: Throughout the seasons, the women in Game of Thrones are really on point with their outfits. Yes, they all had their ups and downs as characters, so for your inspiration focus on clothing choices from the good seasons of Margaery, Daenerys, Sansa, and Cersei. Depending on the season and if the character lives in the North or the South, there is inspiration for summer and winter weddings. Don’t be afraid to rock a detachable cape like Dani. Even consider going with an off-white shade. There are beautiful champagne and light grey dresses that would fit the theme.

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Deep Romantic Colors: For a winter wedding, bridesmaids in deep hues of red, green, purple, and blue are very regal. Red hues remind me of Melisandre the Red Priestess. Long sleeve and velvet dresses are both in right now.

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Floral: For a summer wedding, you could go totally opposite with flowing floral dresses. This would bring a whimsical feel of Westeros.

Photo Credit: kleinfeldbridalparty.com

White on White: You could even go all white walker on everyone and have a full white-on-white bridal party and couple.

Photo Credit: Instagram/myafrocaribbeanwedding

Fur: If your wedding is in the winter, consider fur elements. The groom or groomsmen could wear fur over their shoulders like Jon Snow. The bride could wear a fur shoulder wrap. Bridesmaids could use fur hand muffs. You could even work in fur into centerpieces. Ikea sells reasonably priced swaths of white fur.

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Maid of Honor and Best Man: Hand to the “King” or “Queen” pins would be the perfect gift for your best man or maid of honor. Or you could give all the men this pin and do without floral boutonnieres.

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Cuff links: Direwolf, house crest, dragon, or dragon egg cuff links are also a really small way to be right on theme. They would make great detail photography shots.

Photo Credit: shutupandtakemymoney.com

Hair and Makeup

Crown: Nothing says royalty more than a crown, and Game of Thrones has some really fun ones! Think more earthy than Disney princess. You would want a Game of Thrones crown to have branches, flowers, or antlers. It’s not as much about the bedazzling as much as just metal.

Photo Credit: fun.com

Romantic Braided Hair: Nearly every female character in Game of Thrones had a braid at one time or another. Some characters’ hair is even intertwined with multiple braids. A half-up-half-down braided hairstyle with romantic curls is the way to go.

Photo Credit: fashiotopia.com


Mood Lighting: Lighting is something that can change the whole look of your space. Darker rooms with romantic mood lighting from candles make sense for the medieval time period. Ask your venue to dim the lights. Add in some up-lighting around the room. If your venue is set up to pin-light your centerpieces, even better! If not, add a ton of candles to each table. You’ll get a romantic glow.

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Earthy Design: Overall, a Game of Thrones theme should have an earthy and natural look. You could use naked wood tables and chairs without linens or padding. Also consider the dimensions of the tables. Long rectangular tables are way more Game of Thrones-esque than large rounds.

Photo Credit: rockmywedding.co.uk

Throne: Think next-level sweetheart table. Instead of regular chairs or a modern loveseat sofa, rent grand seats fit for royalty. Individual seats with tall backs will do the trick. They can be solid wood or have embellished padding and carved accents.

Photo Credit: palletearth.co.uk

Dragon Eggs or Swords: The Mother of Dragons and King of the North can’t possibly get married without a little dragon egg and sword action, but you can. Haha! If having some dragon eggs and swords out in the open is too much for you, then I would suggest you still have them on hand for some fun portrait photos. You could even garnish a photo booth or portrait station with props from the show so guests themselves can take themed photos.

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Wild Flowers: Wild flower arrangements will look more organic and hand-picked. You can achieve a formal wild flower look by keeping to certain color schemes. Wild flowers don’t have to be rainbow. Also think smaller arrangements. Over the years, bridal bouquets have become a statement floral piece in the wedding, and the bigger the better. Ever notice how small royal bridal bouquets are in England? Smaller than an American bridesmaids’ arrangement. It’s because the flowers aren’t meant to be the star of the show.

Photo Credit: weddingsparrow.com

Moss: To me, nothing says woodsy and fantasy more than floral arrangements with green moss. Even moss and candles are very ethereal.

Photo Credit: theknot.com

Babies’ Breath: This delicate flower could be utilized as small bouquets, centerpieces, or even as a hair accessory. It’s insanely affordable and goes along with the theme.

Photo Credit: mywedding.com

Pine Cones: Metallic painted pine cones will have a similar look to a dragon’s egg. Both mini and large pine cones could be used in centerpieces, bouquets, and even boutonnieres. Use floral wire to attach them into the arrangements.

Photo Credit: emmalinebride.com

Place Setting

Goblets: Stick to goblets over more modern sleek styles of glassware.

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Flatware: If you’ve ever been to a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament restaurant, then you know that they don’t provide utensils. Your wedding guests would still appreciate them though. If your accent color is gold, ask your venue if they offer gold. If your venue only has ornately decorated flatware, then consider renting. The beauty of this theme is that it was simple back then, so you can get away with one large fork, one knife, a soup spoon, and a teaspoon.

Photo Credit: Etsy: veebeedesignstudio

Linens: Tablecloths and napkins in an organic linen material will be natural and yet can still be accentuated with metallic accents for a timeless look. Naked tables with a table runner branded with the house crest would be awesome!

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Menu: Mmmmm! At Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, the “noble guests” feast on garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn, herb-basted potatoes, and dessert of the Castle. For your event’s starter, ditch the salad and start off with a hearty soup. For the main course, think meat on the bone, such as a quarter chicken, pork chops, lamb chops, or rib eye steak. For side dishes, serve roasted seasoned vegetables or a puff pastry wrapped vegetable. Accompany your meal with slices of bread, rolls, or even cater in Direwolf breads. Avoid the single wrapped butters and go for family style spreads instead. Finish off the dinner with your wedding cake or other dessert (maybe pie?).

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Signature Drink/Alcohols: Have some fun with signature drink color and name. This is your time to come up with a clever drink that relates back to Game of Thrones. Or if you can’t think of anything witty, then a quick internet search will give you some great ideas. You may also consider serving a mead. Don’t forget Cersei and her love affair with wine!

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Serving: You can either serve food family style on beautiful platters or serve single plated portions. If your venue can accommodate table side family style, that would go along with the theme well. However, buffet style veers farther away from your theme than the other two options.

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Dragon Scale Print: Dragon scales are similar to fish scales, just a bit more pointy. I could see this print subtly stroked into butter creme on a tier of the wedding cake or desserts.

Photo Credit: ruffledblog.com

Paper Goods

Bridal Party Cards: There are many options to select from on Etsy, but these “Every king needs a hand… Will you be mine?” cards and pins are sweet!

Photo Credit: Etsy: Jessicascissorhands

Wax Seal: You can create custom stamps with a family crest, or use a pre-made one with natural element, or even the actual Direwolf Game of Thrones Stark family crest stamp. Wax seals will potentially increase the weight of your card and require additional postage, but they are an old-world touch.

Photo Credit: aliexpress.com

Paper: if you can choose, pick an off-white shade of paper or something with natural texture in it. Paper that is too bleached and processed wouldn’t have been found in Westeros!

Photo Credit: gorgeousinvites.co.uk

Language: “Winter is coming” has been a heavily used phrase for the show. Should your event be taking place in the winter season, consider working in this language into your save the date. “He bent the knee” would also be cute as a save the date.

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Font: Download the Game of Thrones font and use that font in your paper goods.

Monogram: Create a new monogram house crest that you can work through all paper goods. You could even print or hand paint a banner to hang at the ceremony or entry to the door of your reception.

Photo Credit: theknot.com

Cake Topper: Since you’ve already created your own house crest, why not brand your cake with your new house? Custom cake toppers allow you to rep your house. “House Amar”

Photo Credit: Etsy: happytopperstore


Hand-Fasting Ceremony: An ancient Celtic tradition, symbolizing the binding together of two people. I don’t believe this was specifically in Game of Thrones, but it is something nontraditional that you could add to your ceremony that would make it stand out from everyone else’s wedding. It’s also a beautiful sentiment.

Photo Credit: myweddingreceptionideas.com

Wine Ceremony: I see this as a new take to the candle or sand ceremonies. I love this idea of blending together two types of wines then each person offers their soon to be spouses a sip of the newly combined wine. By using a vessel and two goblets you will give it that medieval flare.

Photo Credit:prettypinkhairandmore.com

There are certainly many creative whimsical elements you could add to your big day to achieve your Game of Thrones theme. Just to recap, decide if you want to play the theme literally or subtly. Once you decide that, then move on to the small details: attire, hair and makeup, décor, florals, place settings, food, paper goods, and ceremonial elements. You don’t have to be a master crafter either. There are wonderful Game of Thrones offerings on Etsy that would excite any fan of the show. If you combine enough of the ideas above, your guest will be immersed and feel as though you have transported them right into the Seven Kingdoms.

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