Best Places to Eat in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Food is one of the most important aspects of a vacation. It’s a time to not diet or count calories, but rather indulge and fully immerse yourself in a city. We spent four days in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and had some excellent food during our stay. Today’s post will cover the best food in Amsterdam, taking us through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. I hope you had a snack before you look at all the yummy photos below! 😜

In case you missed it, this post is a continuation of our one-year anniversary road trip through Europe. We already wrote about the charming town of Volendam here, the best places to see tulips in the Netherlands here, and Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District here.

Food is very representative of a city’s culture. In order to really get to know a place and the people, you’ve got to eat the food.

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De Bakkerswinkel (Warmoesstraat 69, 1012 HX Amsterdam) is the most darling sit-down breakfast spot. The café is two floors: The first floor included the open kitchen, to-go counter, and some dine-in tables, while the second floor offered more dining tables overlooking the first floor like a loft. The whole aesthetic was light and bright, including fresh tulips in bud vases on every table. The menu offers everything you’d want out of a brunch or high tea. We ordered quiche, French toast, and a scone. Everything was excellent, but our favorite part was the homemade jam. When you sit, the server supplies you with an assortment of jams. Our table had five flavors, and you can eat as much jam as you like. Needless to say, we tried all five. We loved them so much that when we were paying our bill we asked if they sold jars to-go. They did! We ended up buying jars of jam for all of our family and friends back home. It was the perfect souvenir and very affordable.


Cheese Shops This will be the only free snack included in this list… so consider it my freebie to you! Stop into nearly any cheese shop in the Netherlands, and you can sample any cheese before purchase. We bought a bunch of cheese while in the Netherlands and loved that we could taste all the flavors and variety.

Febo is what I’d consider a grab-and-go vending machine fast-food spot. Food is prepared fresh every morning then delivered to the vending kiosks daily. They sell items such as croquettes, burgers, chicken skewers, ice cream, and more. The unique thing about this company is that they are a family-owned fast food chain and use local Dutch ingredients. They have over 66 locations, making them conveniently located all over Amsterdam.

Mannekenpis Verse Vlaamse Friet (Damrak 41, 1012 LK Amsterdam) is the french fry shop of all french fry shops. The potatoes are from Zeeland, Netherlands, and after being picked they are processed into french fries the same day they arrive to the factory, making them super fresh. What makes these fries special is the 20 flavors of sauce you can choose from as a topping. The fries are served in paper cones with little wooden forks that make them easy on-the-go and keep your fingers clean. The Amsterdam location is just a window where you order, no sit down. We picked up two cones and snacked while walking from one attraction to the next.

Simit Sarayi (Damrak 57, 1012 LL Amsterdam) is a diverse and affordable fast food option with a menu including breakfast, lunch, and some dinner-ish foods. They do have tables for those wanting to sit down, but you could also order and take your food to-go, making this spot convenient for tourists on-the-go. The location we went to was centrally located by many activities we were going to that day. We ordered at the counter then sat down for ten minutes to eat.


Café Restaurant Mamouche (Quellijnstraat 104, 1072 XZ Amsterdam) is an upscale Moroccan-French restaurant. We love Moroccan food, and they did not disappoint. The Pastilla, lamb kefta, couscous with kebab, and Moroccan mint tea were all superb. We dined at a lovely table outside. Highly recommend this gem.

Restaurant Bazar was a Mediterranean restaurant located in Amsterdam. Since our visit, they have decided to close permanently. However, they still made my list because they were really tasty; just look at our dishes below! All hope isn’t lost though, because they do have a Rotterdam, Netherlands, location just an hour away. When we visited the Netherlands, we actually visited several cities, and Rotterdam was one of them.

The Burger Room (Paulus Potterstraat 30H, 1701 DA Amsterdam) is a burger restaurant and cocktail bar inspired by the Wizard of Oz. The 1920s art deco style is mixed with lush velvet emerald green and gold accents. The Wizard of Oz theme runs deep, with creative names on the menu, artwork, and a mini museum downstairs, including a replica of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. We had spent the day in the museum district seeing museum after museum, and this burger spot was the perfect place for a break and replenish. We ordered burgers and milkshakes, and they were really tasty. If you like burgers or are just a Wizard of Oz fan, then you need to check this place out.

Vegan Junk Food Bar (Marie Heinekenplein 9-10, Amsterdam) is a vegan eatery that sells everything from meatless burgers to ribs. We didn’t actually eat here but had stumbled upon it while on the way to our Moroccan restaurant. It was definitely the busiest restaurant in that whole area of town. The crowd we saw, plus the 4.5-star reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor led me to believe that it’s really good. I wish we had one more day in Amsterdam so we could have eaten here. There are four locations in Amsterdam.


Banketbakkerij v.d. Linde (Nieuwendijk 183, 1012 MG Amsterdam) is a special ice cream shop in the heart of Amsterdam. I’d heard really good things about this place so figured I’d give it a try. They only sell one flavor, a smooth rich vanilla whipped cream scoop in a waffle cone. Vanilla isn’t my favorite flavor of ice cream, but this is more than just vanilla. It was very affordable, and the quick-moving line out the door of this shop will tell you just how good it was.

Van Wonderen Stroopwafels (Kalverstraat 190, 1012 XH Amsterdam) is a stroopwafel shop that was highly recommended by a friend. Stroopwafel is a dessert-like chewy wafer cookie made from two thin layers of dough, pressed with a thin lining of filling in the middle (most commonly a caramel or honey-like substance). This shop makes them to order, and they were seriously gourmet and so scrumptious. They also sell a bunch of prepackaged stroopwafel items you can purchase as souvenirs, or to save for a midnight snack in your hotel room later. 😊


And that’s a wrap (pun intended) on our best food in Amsterdam post! I hope I introduced you to some new dishes and restaurants that will influence your next Amsterdam dining experience. Stay tuned for the next Amarvelous Honeymoon blog post, where we’ll be covering the best Amsterdam attractions, and in the coming weeks we’ll be writing about the rest of our unforgettable trip through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Spain!

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