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Today, I wanted to share with you all the details on a new partnership between Amarvelous Event and Generation Tux, an online company for your special occasion suit and tuxedo rental needs. Generation Tux is literally changing the game when it comes to quality, style, and convenience of purchasing your formalwear rental. The whole process takes place online and can be accessed from your computer, phone, or tablet in the comfort of your own home.

“Imagine this: Formalwear rental with no store visits, no picking up the suit or tux the day before your wedding, and no dropping off the garments the day after. No ill-fitting garments, and, best of all, no last-minute stress. At Generation Tux, we know how stressful wedding planning can be, and that’s why we have designed a suit and tuxedo rental process that is easy, convenient, and stress-free.”

Generation Tux


About Generation Tux

Generation Tux has been in the rental industry for 40 years and has served hundreds of thousands of customers. Founder George Zimmer understood that to be a trailblazer in the rentals industry, Generation Tux would need to come up with a product that would exceed the quality of that offered in a brick and mortar.

They also felt strongly that your special occasion is deserving of black-tie rental service, and that is precisely why they strive to offer all clients—whether for prom, special events, or weddings—the five-star service they feel you deserve. The reviews speak for themselves. In 2019, Generation Tux received both the Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Awards (with 1,536 five-star reviews) and The Knot Best of Weddings Award (with 572 five-star reviews).

How it Works

“No store visits. No traffic. No stress. Just a convenient way to get that timeless wedding style you’ve been looking for.”

Generation Tux
  • Go Online Shopping: The groom can take as little or as much time as they like perusing through the 21 suit and tux Super 130s and 140s Merino Wool options to find the perfect outfit for the occasion.
  • Swatch Color Samples: If you would like to see suit, tux, or accessory swatches before you make your selection, then Generation Tux can mail you free swatches so you can compare colors to other choices in your event (bridesmaids, linens, etc).
  • Online Account: Once selections have been decided, the groom creates a “wedding” event account to save the style. Within each wardrobe, simply add the groomsmens’ contact information, including name (first and last), email, and phone number.
  • Digital Platform Invites: Once the groom finishes setting up his wedding account, Generation Tux will send electronic invites to each event member, allowing them to create their own account. This process takes the guesswork away from the groomsmen, not to mention they are more likely to take care of it sooner than finding the time to schedule a fitting in-store somewhere. This will also be the portal for the groom to track groomsmen purchases.
  • Sizing: Each groomsman answers a series of sizing questions (things like height, weight, and jean size) that help the Generation Tux proprietary fit technology, eTailor, pick the perfectly-sized suit and complete their Fit Profile. With Generation Tux, there’s no measuring tape or store visits needed. Sizes range from children’s 3T through men’s 66L in select styles. The slim-fit styles are available up to size 46XL in jackets and vests and up to a 40″ waist in pants. Note that boys under the age of 15 will need some more specific measurements, and a tape measure can be mailed to you at no cost.
  • Sales Assistance: Should a particular groomsman fall behind on ordering, a rep from Generation Tux will be in touch to keep the men on schedule to order on time for the big day. This allows the groom to sit back and relax a bit.
  • Receive Your Garments: Gone are the days of having to allocate time the day before and after the wedding to pick up and drop off your rental suit at a shop. With Generation Tux, UPS shipping is always free, and they guarantee you receive your order 14 days prior to the event. This is a huge benefit to all groomsmen but especially those that live out of town. If, for example, you had ordered your suit from a chain store, then you may have gone into your local branch to be measured. You would have made a connection with that particular sales rep. Then, the day before the wedding, your suit would be available for pick up in the town where the wedding is taking place. When you go into that store, you are hoping and praying there are no problems, because this new sales rep was not the person who took your measurements at the other branch. If the suit doesn’t fit properly, then you could be out of luck with such a short turnaround time. That could be a very stressful situation!
  • Fit Guarantee: If for some reason something doesn’t fit to your liking, then Generation Tux will expedite a free replacement to your door with no exchange necessary.
  • Returns: When the event has concluded, you have three days to place all items back in the provided box, attach the pre-paid shipping label, and mail everything back. No need to wash or dry clean any items, since Generation Tux takes care of the cleaning for you. Just mail everything back as is!

Groom Perks

It’s your special day, so you should be treated to the best of the best, and Generation Tux is here to make sure you are at ease with your own rental. For the groom only, Generation Tux has offered a 48 hour at-home no-risk try-on period. You order your suit, and they’ll send it to you to try on for friends and family to see. If there are any changes you would like to make to the suit, they will take those into account for wedding day.

Additionally, Generation Tux even has ways for the groom to receive their suit or tux rental TOTALLY FREE! If five or more men in your party rent from Generation Tux, then your groom’s suit is generously offered complementary, and if seven or more groomsmen rent suits or tuxedos then the groom can keep his wedding day ensemble FOR FREE!

“We guarantee you will have the right fit for your event, without uncomfortable measuring.”

Generation Tux


As if the overview above wasn’t enough to convince you, Generation Tux has also compiled this convenient table for a side-by-side comparison of the services offered by them versus in-store rental retailers.

Generation TuxIn-Store Rentals
ReceiveDelivered about 14 days before your eventYou pick up your outfit from the store 24-48 hours before your event
Return3 days post-event1 day post-event
MeasurementsOur fit technology eTailor’s algorithm automatically sizes youTime consuming, in-store process
FitSlim and modern fits available, free replacements if neededBoxy, one-size-fits-all mentality
ConvenienceEasy online process, free shipping, and complimentary home try-on for groomsMultiple store visits, garment pick ups and last minute risks, a process that can take 3 hours on average
Event TrackingAutomated alerts and reminders track your event for youMultiple phone calls and follow ups with store clerks
ServiceOutstanding customer experience team and style consultants available 7 days a week via phone, email, or chatNumerous in-store trips
Style21 suits and tuxedos featuring modern lines and super 130s wool, plus free swatches delivered to your doorBoxy, heavy tuxedos in coarse poly wool blends and limited color selection

Table Credit: Generation Tux

So what are you waiting for? Generation Tux is clearly the best choice for formal wear rentals! You can access their website by clicking this link. Additionally, by using coupon code BSAMARVELOUS, you can receive 25% off of your suit or tuxedo rental.

“I guarantee looking good has never been this easy.”

George Zimmer (Generation Tux Founder)

DISCLAIMER: Amarvelous Event is a member of the Generation Tux Partner Program. By clicking on affiliate links above or utilizing our discount code, Amarvelous Event may receive compensation at no additional cost to you.

All images courtesy of Generation Tux.

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