How to Create a Colorful Wedding

New York City celebrated World Pride yesterday, and seeing all of those colors and festivities inspired this post! White, cream, champagne, and blush are all classy colors, but if you are over the uber-neutral wedding palate, then this post is for you! If you enjoy color, don’t feel like you have to tone down your taste in order to have a wedding like everyone else’s. Embrace your creative side and spread color throughout outfits, accessories, hair, makeup, paper goods, food, flowers, tablescapes, and décor. In this post, we’ll review examples of how to add in that wanted pop of color to create your dreamy colorful wedding.



White, off-white, cream, beige, and champagne are the traditional colors for wedding dresses. But there are ways to still have a white wedding dress and add pops of color. You could add colorful stitching embellishments, or an ombré dyed skirt, or dyed under-layers that only show in movement. Or, if you were open to a fully-colored dress, designers like Hayley Paige have recently released stunning blush tone dresses. And color doesn’t have to end with the bride: Traditionally, grooms veer towards black, navy blue, grey, or beige suits, but there are incredibly handsome light blue and dark green options too.


If a colorful dress or suit isn’t your thing, then consider adding color through accessories. I recently saw a bride that wore a solid white dress and rocked a colorful embellished veil that was stitched with a rainbow assortment of flowers. You could also match your shoes to the color palate or have the full bridal party wear colorful matching or differently-colored shoes. And don’t forget about men’s socks: Hubby and I gifted the groomsmen at our wedding Star Wars Stormtrooper socks to go with my husband’s Darth Vader socks. Those socks were white and black but super quirky and made for great photos. You can get original with socks. Think of socks like the dyed underneath of the wedding gown: People only see it when in movement, but it’s an unexpected place to pop some color.

Hair and Makeup

My best friend has gorgeous, long, blonde hair. She always dreamed of dyeing her hair pink for her wedding day. She did an ombré effect with light pink bottoms, and it suited her personality perfectly. Dying your hair for wedding day isn’t going to be for everyone, but a less permanent color option is painting your nails. As opposed to the common French, white, or blush manicures, why not paint your nails in a shade that compliments the rest of the colors of your day?

Paper Goods

I think paper goods are the easiest and most affordable way to add color to your special day. Beginning with your save-the-date, guests will start to feel the vibe of your day. By the time they receive the invitation and get directed to your wedding website, you have officially set the tone. Guests will know you are hosting a unique wedding before they even arrive at your venue. Invitation companies such as Minted have loads of excellent save-the-date and invitation options. It doesn’t cost extra to use more color—on the contrary, in most cases adding neutral metallics is the up-charge. On wedding day, escort cards from the matching invitation suite finish off your cohesive colorful paper goods. Use paper fans as a more affordable and high impact décor for your wedding arbor. You can also hang matching paper fans from the center pole of an outdoor tented reception. Invite your guests to celebrate the end of your ceremony with cones of rainbow biodegradable confetti. The photos are magical.


I just love the idea of adding pops of color through food! Almost all weddings have the same type of food, with the typical catering hall menu and a white cake. Let’s change it up, people! Signature alcoholic drinks with kitschy names often add a cute pop of color to wedding day. But the fun drinks don’t have to end with alcoholic beverages. Take a look below at this delightful rainbow soda bottle display. Also consider adding color to the cake. You could have your florist hold aside some matching bouquet flowers, and your baker will include them into the cake at the top or in a cascading manner down the side. Or you could give your baker some artistic freedom with colorful icing. All eyes are upon the cake during the cake-cutting photo opp: Don’t miss out on this focal point moment.


Flowers are the typical place that couples utilize to add color to their wedding. Between bouquets, wrist corsages, boutonnieres, a ceremony arbor, and centerpieces, ask your florist to get imaginative! You don’t need the roses, peonies, and hydrangeas everyone uses. Think outside the box with wild flowers and garden flowers to find more colorful options. You may even save some money by picking the nontraditional wedding flowers. Keep in mind if you make tropical selections such as orchids, you will actually spend more. Try to select flowers that are regional to your area and in season.


Now this is an area that is always lacking color. Venues typically offer white table linens, white napkins, white plates, silver cutlery, and clear glassware. Don’t be afraid to ask your venue if they have alternatives available for free or rent. Sometimes they may offer gold or multi-tone silverware. They may also have different color linens available. If they don’t, then consider how much of an impact the tablescape will make in transforming the room, and rent what your venue can’t provide! The basics you need on your tables to achieve your colorful affair are colored floor-length linens and colored chargers. Chargers in silver, gold, or another color to match your color scheme will create each place setting. Then dress up the place setting with colored or patterned napkins. If you have the budget to rent colored glassware, this creates an extremely luxurious feel, since guests don’t expect color in this area. It’s a splurge, but it really makes the table. And finish the evening off with cake cutting utensils that will wow in your photographs.


Besides flowers, there are other options for décor such as uplighting, balloons, tassel strings, ribbons, wall drapery, chair sashes, and smoke bombs. Of this list, the one with the highest impact is uplighting, because it 100% transforms the space and creates a color immersive environment. Uplighting can be one color throughout the whole space or multiple colors that transition throughout the night. Sometimes venues offer uplighting or pin lighting for the centerpieces, but typically you will need to rent lighting from your DJ company. The rest of the décor options listed are add-on options if you have the budget. I often see plain white outdoor reception tents with decorative drapery, ribbons, or tassels hanging from the poles. When your venue is a blank white slate, you need to think outside the box and add in pops of color where you can.

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Think about every area of your wedding you can add a color choice instead of white or neutrals: outfits, accessories, hair, makeup, paper goods, food, flowers, tablescapes, and décor. On the most important day of your life, don’t let your affair blend into the background. Stand out! Dazzle your guests with some unexpected color pops and actually create that oh-so-desired “wedding like no one else’s.”

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